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Jul 01, 2018TDI Podcast: Keeping It Simple (#569)

Raghee Horner

Global Economics, Oil Prices, markets, charts(CAT), (DE), (BA), (SPY), (CL.F) play
Mar 11, 2018TDI Podcast: Bubba Gump Tariffs (#551)

Tariffs, Economic indicators, market technicals, cryptocurrency regulation(FB), (X), (AKS), (CAT), (BA), (F), (GM), ($BTC) play
Dec 25, 2016TDI Podcast: What We Learned In 2016 (#490)

A review of 2016, Outlook for 2017, Sector Rotation, Top 10 Podcasts for 2016(X), (FCX), (CAT), (SPY) play
Aug 21, 2016TDI Podcast: World of MoneyCraft with David Ackerman (#472)

David Ackerman

Bitcoin, Economics, Fed, Public prisons, cryptocurrency(GEO), (CXW), (DE), (CAT), (SIG), (SRPT), (SHAK) play
Jan 04, 2015TDI Podcast: 5 Investment Tips for 2015 (#394)

New Year ideas, investing basics, world economics(GPRO), (AAPL), (CAT), (SPY) play
Nov 02, 2014TDI Podcast: Key Lessons on DayTrading (#386)

Fausto Pugliese

ECB, Earnings, Ebola, Economy(IBM), (SODA), (CAT) play
Jul 20, 2014TDI Podcast: Short and Sweet (#373)

(GPRO), (IBM), (AAPL), (CAT), (FB) play
Jul 21, 2013TDI Podcast: Stan Dash & Jim O’Shaughnessy (#322)

Jim O'Shaughnessy

Stanley Dash

Stanley Dash

quant investing, trchnical analysis, markets, economics(CAT), (IBM), (MSFT) play
Apr 01, 2013TDI Podcast: Earnings Season Gameplan and EuroZone Exposed (#307)

Yen, Cyprus, Currency, Short Ideas, Long Ideas, EuroZone lies, Earnings season(TAP), (CAT), (YEN), (OIL) play
Mar 24, 2013TDI Podcast: A Few “Short” Ideas, Cyprus Risk Revealed and Earnings Observations (#306)

Yen, Cyrpus, Currency, Short Ideas, Long Ideas, Economy(NFLX), (CAT), (MLNX), (SLCA) play
Jan 27, 2013TDI Podcast: Earnings Season, Currency Wars, Apple Price Targets (#298)

Apple, Currency Wars, Earnings, Employment, Manufacturing(AAPL), (DDD), (YEN), (MLNX), (CAT) play
Sep 30, 2012TDI Podcast: Solving the Federal Budget with WSJ’s David Wessel (#282)

David Wessell

China economics, US Budget and deficit, Europe, EconomyApple (AAPL), Caterpillar (CAT) play
Jul 22, 2012TDI Podcast: Grisafi on Grains and Professor Eichengreen on Europe and Economy (#272)

Prof. Eichengreen

Thomas Grisafi

Thomas Grisafi

Europe, Food Inflation, Crops, Commodities, Market trend(CAT), (DE), (LNN), (MON), (POT), (FFIV), (INTC) play