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Andrew Horowitz is available for selective media interviews/meetings.

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The Disciplined Investor Book

The Disciplined Investor Podcast

The Disciplined Investor Podcast (iTunes Featured)

As a trusted financial talk show host, Andrew has brought respected experts from the financial community to help investors profit.

Recent guests have included:

Bestselling Authors: Richard Bookstaber, Rob Booker, Tim Sykes, John Havens

Industry Experts: Harry Dent, Barry Ritholtz, Paul Kedrosky, Brian Shannon, Liz Ann Sonders, Steven Leimberg, Howard Silverblatt, David Reilly

Media/Columnists: Herb Greenberg, John C. Dvorak, Jim Jubak, Larry Kudlow, Matt Schifrin, Kristen Bentz, Aaron Task, Eric Savitz, Michael Santioli