TDI Podcast: The ETF Architect (#856)

Inflation – Maybe Stagflation?

Surging unprofitable stocks – a bit of déjà vu here

AI fever rolls on (and on)

After serving as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, Dr. Gray earned an MBA and a PhD in finance from the University of Chicago where he studied under Nobel...

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TDI Podcast: Curzio’s Snappy Idea (#855)

A banking crisis brewing? Say it aint so

Fed’s trying to talk down rate cuts – Powell on 60 Minutes

Looking like a pullback could be in the cards

Guest, Frank Curzio – Curzio Research


Frank Curzio can be reached by email at frank@curzioresearch.com
Frank Curzio is an equity analyst with close to two...

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TDI Podcast: McClellan’s Tidal Forces (#854)

January is in the books – and the results are mixed.

The Fed gives and takes away – No cuts on the table just yet.

Plenty of tech news this week  – Earnings and more earnings.

And our guest this week – Tom McClellan of the McClellan Market Report.

Tom McClellan is a graduate...

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TDI Podcast: PermaBear Knight (#853)

US Economy humming along – better than expected – but calls for rate cuts continue.

Is this the Year for Foreign? Not so fast says markets.

Bitcoin – post ETF blues.

This week’s guest – Tim Knight – a self proclaimed Permabear.


Tim Knight has been charting and trading since 1987. His...

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TDI Podcast: Ai-Ai-O (852)

And on that server farm there was a chip – Ai-Ai-O

Guests John Pugliano and Danielle Dimartino Booth are this week’s guest – talking about the only two things that seem to matter – The Fed and Ai.

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John Pugliano is the author of The Robots are Coming: A...

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TDI Podcast: Opportunistic Value (#851)

CPI ticks up – PPI ticks down – never a dull moment.  Earnings season is here – Banks reported and most hit the skids.

Bitcoin ETF approved and Bitcoin gets whacked and we enter a holiday shortened week – get ready!

Guest: Vitaliy Katsenelson explains value investing and what he looks for...

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TDI Podcast: Skate To The Puck (#850)

Conflicting Data – but absolute certainty.

What was in is out – a rotation at the start of the year.

The 10-year Treasury tops 4% – for a moment – looking like a key resistance point.

And our guest…Sam Burns of Mill Street Research.

Sam Burns, CFA is the chief strategist at Mill Street...

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TDI Podcast: Parade of Guests 2023 (1)

So many guests, such great insights – another year down and so much more ahead.

Listen to  some of the “Best Of” guests –  Frank Curzio, Vitaliy Katsenelson, Thomas Thornton, Steve Leeb, Jason Raznick, Michael Covel, Dr. Richard Smith and many many more during these episodes.


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TDI Podcast: Success with Dress (#848)

Late day drop then next day pop.

Blame it on option traders – they say…

All about year end positioning.

Our Guest – Brian Dress -Left Brain Research.

Brian has 15 years’ experience in the investments industry. Before joining Left Brain, he spent nearly a decade managing an independent portfolio of derivatives, focused mainly...

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TDI Podcast: Meb Faber (#847)

And all of a sudden – a Pivot and a rally to boot!

The 10 year treasury is now – sub 4%.

Oil hit technical support, bounces then stalls.

Some thoughts on what is next with our guest today – Meb Faber – from Cambria Investment Management

Mr. Faber is a co-founder and the...

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TDI Podcast: Crosby on Liquid Happiness (#846)

Consumers and investors are in the holiday mood.

Goldilocks may be in the house

Thinking about your brain on finance… A great topic to discuss with our Guest – Dr. Daniel Crosby – Chief Behavioral Officer with Orion. We talk about liquid happiness, measuring brain activity and more on Dunning-Kruger.

Dr. Daniel Crosby,...

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TDI Podcast: More Gains to Come? (#845)

SHAZAAM! – A November to Remember!

Powell tries to talk markets down – not happening.

Yields and  the USD collapse – good news for risk assets.

And a look back at an amazing month ….

Info Here.

Check this out and find out more at: http://www.interactivebrokers.com/

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Looking for style...

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