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5 Stars A Worthwhile Listen themikepI love this show! It’s full of insight and independent thinking. It’s a real bonus to have if you’re serious about investing.

Thank you! TimI can’t thank you enough for taking the time to review this. Also thanks again for your Monday Zoom Calls and Podcasts; these are very helpful. Hoping to get your propriety brisket recipe as that looks amazing!

5 Stars Reasoned and insightful Gerald VillaniStarted listening years ago when I began learning about investing. Andrew offers well reasoned and insightful comments about current market trends. He explains things so that beginners understand, but the show is definitely useful for the seasoned investor as well. His variety of guests speak on a wide range of topics, and even though I don’t agree with some of them, it’s important to hear their side so I can confirm my assumptions are still valid.

5 Stars So much to learn, eat, and manage J ShapiroI have been listening to Andrew’s podcast for over two years. I have found each and every show at least enlightening and a learning experience. The balanced and straightforward structure and delivery is earnest and I appreciate that.
I have few monies, 75% in real estate, my home and the rest in the market in 403b’s MM’s, ETF’s, and cash. I balance as I learn. I have also asked a question or two of Andrew, and he seems to have done his best to answer them. If it makes sense to me, I learn about it and make it work for me.
Andrew’s Disciplined Investor podcast works for me.
Many thanks.

5 Stars Great source of education and perspective Mark Switzer Andrew, 
I really enjoy the show and guests. My favorite part is when you provide your perspective of the markets. You do a great job cutting through the clutter and get to what matters. I liked how you pushed back on some of Jeffrey Small’s claims regarding preferred stock, it was to hear your exchange. Keep it up.

5 Stars A helpful guide to my future Daniel Ingersoll Just wanted to say thanks for the podcasts. Been listening for a month now and it definitely makes the time on the way traveling to teach very entertaining. I’ve been looking into retirement options and didn’t like my school’s 403b offering and wanted some help with navigating through the financial jargon. Most bankers and financial planners tried to talk me in circles throwing around terms that I had a decent grasp on but I knew they were in it for their best interest. I’m happy to have found your podcast because it’s introducing me to vocabulary I know and some that I don’t, further strengthening my understanding of how this whole financial business works. Keep up the good work, my present and future self-appreciate it greatly.

5 Stars Great Investing Podcast Dylan Hedrick I have listened to the podcast for years now and it is one that keeps me consistently coming back. Other investing podcasts simply exist to push their newsletters, but Andrew really wants you to become a smarter and better investor. I love the humor (the interview with the DOW was great) and his insights about macro and micro market trends. The diversity of the interviews are a very strong point especially with those guests who go against traditional investing strategy. Andrew’s solo shows, when he goes on extended rants, are great too. Keep up the great work and thank you for your weekly shows.

5 Stars 2017! by Dave H. Tough to say one year was better than any other but this year seemed to have a more variety of topics and several “first time guests” which were really fascinating. I’ve been trading since 1998 in some amount. I’ve bought several newsletters, books, etc and one thing I know is there is 1,000’s of ways to play this game. I love to learn new ways. Thank you for keeping a level headed approach.

5 Stars Deep insight markets are a gem by Winner R. I thoroughly enjoyed the Euro Dollars segment. The podcast is a must every Sunday night. Gets the typical trader pumped to get to work on Monday morning.

5 Stars My Weekly Requirement by Paul The Sunday Night podcast is so valuable for me. I can not imagine heading in to the market on Monday morning without getting Andrew’s review of the market the week before Sunday. I find Andrew’s experience and his desire to help his listeners learn is a great combination for me over the years. Thank you for all your efforts.

5 Stars Weekly Must-Hear by Joel R. This podcast has, 4 years, provided me with the understanding of market theory and economics that allows me to make better decisions concerning my portfolio.

SO HUMOROUS! by Paul P.. I so enjoyed the podcast with Viatliy. Educational for sure about value and growth, but I found the conversation between you and Vitaliy so humorous. Had to slow the treadmill down because laughing while jogging was not a good combination. Thank you for all your efforts every week.

I REALLY ENJOY LISTENING by Rita T. I really enjoy listening to your podcast and continue expanding my knowledge of the investing landscape. Thanks so much and keep up the great work.

LOVE THE SHOW by Carlos A. Love the show, keep up the great work! Just finished listening to tour last episode with Eric Townsend (one of your best guests to date, fascinating and diverse discussion).

AWESOME Prabal – India One thing I would like to tell you is that podcasts on your site are awesome and informational. Keep up the hard work deployed, because there are many fans like me of your site. Thanks!

YES! Episode #428 was Great! If you can get Russ Roberts on the show as much as you can get DAS that would be amazing.. Great interview. I have been a listener from the beginning, your podcast is still by far the best business podcast available. Thanks for taking the time to do the show each week! It is ALWAYS top shelf. Thanks!

5 Stars Good education By g Mr. Horowitz‘s podcasts have provided me with information about investing in the financial markets that has been very educational and helped me become a more disciplined investor. I appreciate his perspective and depth of knowledge, both of which are presented in a practical manner that I can understand. Thanks!

4 Stars Very effective By Macho-Writer It‘s very good to get news about finance, and the market while being educated. Very clear and effective teaching and news!

5 Stars Great Podcast By TEAC Full of valuable information and insight.

5 Stars Not made for TV its Real By snofrk Over time you hear so many people talking and talking and talking. This guy teaches and has other teach you. The topics are smart and to the point and more important it makes you think about strategy.

5 Stars Very informative podcast By campfirewest This is a very good source of level headed financial advice that is difficult to find. Th is especially valuable in the recent crazy market conditions.

5 Stars Good Stuff By rho I found this after hearing Andrew on Aaron Task‘s podcast. After 4 shows, its now a keeper on the list. Very solid and practical advice. Recommended for beginner and experienced investors alike.

5 Stars Informative for all investors! By phant After 15 years of investment experience, there is very little that perks my interest in the way of investment advice. Mr. Horowitz, however, is able to provide an entertaining podcast that will hook his listeners regardless of their expertise, income level, or portfolio totals. It is the right mix of guest interviews, ideas, and Mr. Horowitz‘s own personal touch to make The Disciplined Investor a must listen for all.

5 Stars Solid info & interviews By j.v… It‘s nice to have a CFP‘s angle on the investing side. Lots of good info about market pieces that aren‘t necessarily fundamentals or technicals. The interviews are well done and insightful. This is a good podcast to help me round out my investing resources.

5 Stars Kelron By Kelron This has to be one of the best investment programs out there. If you are just starting to get interested in investing, you won‘t find a better informed podcast. Thanks guys. I really have learned a lot.

4 Stars So far, so great By canpmh I‘m relatively new to this podcast, but so far I love the frequency, the variety of topics, the length and the caliber of guests. Mostly, the theme, disciplined investing, appeals to me setting this apart from the saturation of investing information that is more “du jour” style and individual stock focused, these podcasts are highly relevant even when listened to several weeks after release.

5 Stars Disciplined investor fan! By evan.swa I have listened to the last 4 podcasts and this is easily one of my favorites in terms of getting interesting perspectives on various investment topics. Andrew‘s podcast is a little more advanced than the “plain talk” podcasts that the major investment companies provide but not too advanced that you need a Master‘s degree to understand him. He is also very good at passing along the resources that he uses to get good investment ideas & information. For example, this podcast is where I first heard about

4 Stars Entertaining, educational, and hits the spot By red I learned about this podcast through Aaron Task‘s “The Real Story” podcast. I‘ve only listened to 4 podcasts so far and they are terrific. Andrew presents his investing topics in a straightforward and understandable way. I recommend it to people getting started in investing and those that have been around for a while. Great insight.

5 Stars Great podcast!!! By Mtter This is an awesome tool!! Very informative!! Sometimes “basic concepts” just get glazed over because they are considered “basic”. This podcast presents information in a way that even someone like me, a new investor, can grasp. Please keep up the nice work. It is greatly appreciated!!

5 Stars Great show By ScottMN I just found this podcast, and being new to the investing world, I can use all the advice and insight I can get. It‘s a nice change of pace to not be constantly screamed at (boooo-ya!) by someone who is certifiable. Andrew Horowitz doesn‘t come across as trying to push his agenda on anyone, and promotes sound investing strategies. I would recommend his show to anyone.

5 Stars Chris M. Your podcast is an awesome!! Very informative!! Sometimes “basic concepts” just get glazed over because they are considered “basic”. This podcast presents information in way that even someone like me , a new investor can grasp. Please keep up the nice work. It is greatly appreciated!!

5 Stars The Disciplined Investor By R This podcast is interesting and very informative. Awesome Job!! Thank you.

5 Stars Simple, Straightforward, and Informative!! Love It!! By Brett_Belau Andrew does a great job of educating new and novice investors, while still keeping experienced marketwatchers entertained and informed in a quality format that‘s professional, fun to listen to!

5 Stars Actionable and understandable By ComancheMan Actionable ideas with a sensible rationale that gives you peace of mindthat is what The Disciplined Investor gives you, and is exactly what most individual investors needespecially right now! Take a disciplined approach and get the confidence that comes with it with this podcast.

5 Stars Great Find Straight Forward By ba Found this recently ”” Love the format easy to listen upbeat sign up and enjoy Breaks through the clutter you often find on the TV

5 Stars Great place for market updates and discussion By pu Mr. Horowitz has done an excellent job in creating an informative and interesting podcast, combined with a refreshingly straightforward and generally conservative emphasis on good investment fundamentals. I particularly appreciate the discussion of investment choices that have and have not worked out well. In my opinion a staple choice for any investor.

4 Stars Great Podcast for novice investor By garen Thanks for informative and interesting investing podcast for novice investor

5 Stars Excellent podcast By Jo Very informative podcast. I‘m not new to investing but am far from a pro. The information presented here is interesting and very useful to anyone. If you‘re a novice, the explanations Andrew gives are very easy to understand. The only negative is there are not enough episodes!! Keep up the good work Andrew!

4 Stars Good show By Wapti Interesting approaches to react to the changes in the market. There is lots to learn from these podcasts and listening has helped me expand my investing horizons. First few shows were better because the host allowed his guests to explain their perspective. In later shows the host often talks while his guests have to struggle to get a word in edgewise.

5 Stars Sound advice from those who care! By AdamB. Andrew does a wonderful job of logically analyzing the latest market conditions and makes sound recommendations as a result. He is one of the few you can trust who genuinely cares about your portfolio.

4 Stars Brilliant View By Freddy07 Great approach on behavior finance. I very much enjoy the discussion of market reaction. Give this podcast a try.

4 Stars Good Stuff By awawasrhdf Good podcast. Focused and interesting. I recommend it.

5 Stars Entertaining financial advice and theory By norcals Andrew Horowitz has a lively and engaging way of discussing the often confusing world of investing. Providing sage and measured advice for handling your investments. The Disciplined Investor is a must-subscribe for anyone interested in understanding stock market gyrations, bond yields, or any other financial vehicle out there looking for your money.

5 Stars Cramer Antidote By DocRich Andrew does a great job presenting his insights about the current market and sharing his knowledge. The podcast is enjoyable to listen to. Well-reasoned. NO hype. Keep up the great work!

5 Stars Level-headed program By fi Great program about keeping sane in the market. Keep calm, step back and keep a cool head. At the same time, look for some great buys out there. Horowitz reminds you to think about all of the ways an investor thinks during a volatile period. The listener is reminded of the varying emotions and ideas they have had over the last month or two. There are great buys out there and Horowitz keeps a cool head while looking for those great buys in the market.

4 Stars Very Well Presented By @@K@@ I really enjoy this podcast because it‘s easy to follow and the host discusses different aspects about investing that can be follow by beginner investor like myself. Thank you.

5 Stars Great Perspective By wahia It‘s nice to finally hear someone who admits when he‘s been wrong without making excuses! Great guests who clearly articulate (for the most part) differing perspectives. Can‘t wait to get my family listening to this podcast!

4 Stars Great Podcast to Learn about Investing By kastemj Gives a unique investing perspective and keeps it pleasing to digest. Little wordy, but very professional.

5 Stars Very Fundamentally Sound Advice By EJB3 Rather than taking a “hot stock of the week” approach, he emphasizes diversification including specific securities to include. He points out the advantages of the undercovered preferred stock area. An excellent listen especially in volatile times.

5 Stars A CT investor By r 59 days ago I picked up my iPhone @ Apple Danbury. Since then, I have been downloading business/investing podcasts off of iTunes with mixed results. Las Friday, I downloaded the Disciplined Investor. During my drive to CT on Friday evening, I listened to the August 19th broadcast and it was different. It was calm, covered things I had not thought about, and the speaker actually made sense. So I replayed it and picked up somethings that I had missed. I think this podcast can help me become a better investor. I am going to continue listening because this is the type a podcast I was looking for but have not been able to find. Thank you Andrew Horowitz. I look forward to a rewarding relationship.

5 Stars Excellent investment podcast for the beginner to advanced By blood This podcast doesn‘t tell you about doubling your money in 2 hours, or make a million a day trading, or tell you the hot stocks. What it does is educate the investor. It discusses the important news & how it affects investments & the markets. While I have a handful of podcasts I may listen to at work, this is one that makes it to my ipod. I recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to rationally handle their money. Deal with risk, and understand that investing & gambling are not always the same thing.

5 Stars Good Info By deloa I love the podcast that talked about day trading university. Will try to listen to more of the Disciplined Investor! Thanks.

5 Stars This podcast has jumped to the top of my list By Johnoe I‘ve listened to many business and investing shows on here, and Andrews show is by far one of the best. I especially like his common sense market insights. Common sense. What a concept. The show guests are top notch, timely and informative. Keep up the great podcasting!

4 Stars A great podcast By Not the real Steven Colbert I enjoy hearing the latest financial news, however most of the podcast are so dry and dull, it‘s painful to listen to. Not so with the disciplined investor. He speaks financials in a way that anyone can understand, and keeps you up to date with not only the how, but the WHY behind the market moves. Keep up the great work.

5 Stars Very Informative By ep This is a great podcast for the average investor. Andrew explains his points well and doesn‘t come across as arrogant. A must have for anyone interested in the markets.

4 Stars Knowledgeable yet practical! By ear What a great resource in a fun and down to earth format! I felt that you offered sound advice, not sensational and very good and practical tips.

5 Stars Excellent use of your time! By FJA0912 Information conveyed clearly, timely, and is actionable is something I‘d pay for on this topic, yet this is free. I‘m surprised by how much valuable information he shares when compared with other podcasts, and I‘ve listened to them all. This is an excellent value and use of your time to subscribe.

5 Stars Important Listening! By S. Schaefer I‘ve read all the newsletters, many of the “known” books, but I have rarely come across such timely and well-reasoned information about the markets. The DI is superbly balanced with actionable advice and meditations on market psychology. Horowitz is sharp at picking stocks, sure, but he‘s wise about market psychology, drawing from Behavioral Finance at times, but also from his own experience of the market. I listen primarily to widen my own perspective on the current situation- to push myself to think about those things I tend to avoid- like preferred stocks, let‘s say. I find this podcast reminds me about opportunities that arise only occasionally, under certain conditions. You will learn plenty of new things here but also you will find the confidence to act on what your already know.

3 Stars Great educational podcast By (@@) This podcast takes the time to explain many things that other podcasts just gloss over. As a new investor, this is something that I really appreciate. The matching website is a bit lacking in detail, and would benefit from the same attention that is paid to the podcast

5 Stars Great! By matt -Gives you a real point of view on the markets. -Explains thing from outside the box not like those fools on CNBC -Has personality!!! -He makes you money!!!

5 Stars A refreshing look at investing By stockjock Lively, entertaining and ideas that make sense. Nice to hear someone actually giving ideas that can be used immediately. Suggest as a must subscribe if looking for ideas and ways to improve portfolio

5 Stars Great Tips from an Expert! By mish I just found this podcast, and I learned so much from the first episode. I can‘t wait to listen to the rest! His information is straight forward and very useful. I highly recommend it.

4 Stars Started well, losing steam By SchulzNYM I really enjoyed the discussion in the first few episodes, but I think the show has gotten off track. There is WAY too much promotion of the podcast within the podcast. Asking for a review or asking people to subscribe is great for a few seconds at the end of the show. I now find myself dumping the podcast a minute in because I‘m already tired of the self-promotion. Also, too much time talking about CNBC‘s contest. I want to hear about real money, not pretend money. Despite these objections, I think the advice is really solid and, most of all, level-headed, which is SO hard to find today. Just cut down on the sales job, and remember when someone is listening to the podcast, you‘re already preaching to the choir.

5 Stars Learn from someone who actually trades for a living By rocket It‘s nice to hear someone who manages a fund give out free advice, talk about both the good and bad trades, and generally try to help you. Thanks Andrew!

5 Stars Fine show By surripere Fine show. Learning a lot, keep up the fine work.

4 Stars Good Show By DavidH102196 Not bad, listen and you may learn something or not.

5 Stars Great By treach119 Great show for all interested in investing

5 Stars Great Stuff! By kennymak42 Horowitz is very insightful and informative.

5 Stars Great Pod Cast By deric Thank you so much for the information you provide in your podcast. They are very helpful to me.

5 Stars Keep up the good work By Seneschal I have nothing bad to say about Jim Cramer (although it will seem like it here). Where Cramer‘s TV show/books are entertaining they often feel preachy; in contrast these podcasts trend to the informative. When talking about stocks, a fine line of informative v. preachy is walked. The Disciplined Investor does a wonderful job of explaining specific stocks and theory (in an adult way, mind you) that is more informative (but still entertaining) rather than defensively trying to convince the audience a certain point of view. Keep up the good work, I‘ve learned a lot.

5 Stars Educational for Individual Investor By chrisNY Very insightful podcast- Mr. Horowitz has shared great ideas and has done a great job in educationg his investors and taming hype into rational trades or investments. Andy keep up the good work and great call on DELL. 5/26/07 & 6/23/07 podcast is a very helpful tool for those who are looking for great guidance on how to properly get your feet wet in the markets – keep up the good work Andrew- Christian, NY

5 Stars Balanced & Thorough By avantgard Andrew presents his views on the market in a very level-headed manner. As the title implies, he stresses a disciplined and a mostly passive investment strategy with zen-like tone. The show is not necessarily about stock-picking, but about the overall market, sentiment, and fundamental/technical analysis. There are often guests on the show that also bring key insights to the fray. It‘s always a pleasure to listen inif only you did a daily show! Keep up the great work and good luck with your book launch!

4 Stars A good listen By Ptort As a financial professional with a major broker dealer I‘m finding Andrew does a great job touching on a lot of outside the box ideas on investing. If you‘re tired of the full-on bull market type of articles or podcasts, Horowitz is refreshing and as concerned with protecting investor gains as the gains themselves.

5 Stars Excellent Advice! By Brut1 I highly recommend this podcast. Andrew is right on the money, entertaining and informative. I‘m hooked!

5 Stars Timely, Quick Paced and on the Money! By CALFlaw I subscribed recently and found this to be a GREAT tool that helped me to better understand investments. The topics are varied and while there is a lot of info presented it seems to go by quickly. It is nice to hear a professional sounding podcast that gives some very specific ideas that I can use. (This guy seems to be talking directly to melol) This definitely has a fresh and Energetic approach! Well done, Keep those tips coming!

5 Stars Outstanding Podcast By BulldogMike An interesting and informative podcast on investing from a market savvy trader

5 Stars LOVE it By mjs9 I started listening to this and learned so much. It‘s very easy to understand, and overall a terrific podcast!

4 Stars Great, easy to understand info! By Hunkinator Just started listening. I‘m just learning about good investing and find this podcast to be really good- easy to understand, useful info, good quality production. Keep it up guys.

5 Stars Excellent! By SErev Truly a gem of a resource for those interested in creating/maintaining a lean approach to investing, with helpful tips and reminders (such as how fees and taxes diminish returns) that every investor ought to keep in mind!

5 Stars Great podcast to learn and develop solid investment fundamentals By bce Andrew, I enjoy your show and investment angles. Great podcast keep up the good work.

5 Stars The Disciplined Investor IMPRESSES! By gums Started listening to Mr. Horowitz‘s podcast very easy to listen to, sensible, and impresses me. I am looking forward to additional podcasts. Can‘t wait for the book! One word can sum it up IMPRESSIVE!!!

5 Stars Great content By educas good example is the Wallstrip interview.

5 Stars Excellent!! By jax This is a great podcast on how to find and invest in stocks. I‘ve learned something new and important with every episode. Clear and concise in presentation. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars Love this podcast By cesposito Great podcast. Andrew is always ahead of the curve with his research/predictions.

5 Stars Great investor podcast By at The Discipline Investor is a great podcast for normal and sophisticated investor who wants to know what is going on in the market. It talks about prediction of the markets, international markets and current affairs in the US market. Furthermore, it recently had Harry Dent, a renowned speaker about the coming depression in the US in 2010 as a guest speaker. This podcast will keep up-to-date on what you really should know about!

4 Stars A Stimulating Discussion of Market Issues By Emerging Trader Great host, guests, and topics! Makes my commute much more enjoyable and Andrew blows away the “talking heads”.

4 Stars Great alternative to the talking heads By np_inv The podcasts provide a different spin that what‘s being presented on various financial news networks. Greatly enjoyed Harry Dent‘s perspective going forward.