Date Published Title Guest Podcast Topics Stocks Audio
Oct 17, 2021 TDI Podcast: Curzio on What Could Crush Markets (#736)

Frank Curzio

Earnings Season, China, Inflation, Supply Chain, Fed Policy, Taper, Stock Ideas, Commodities (FB), (TSM), (GM), (F), (CAT), (X), (RBLX) play
Oct 10, 2021 TDI Podcast: The Cycle Turns (#735)

Inflation, Investing Cycles, Emotions, Economic Reports, Employment Statistics play
Oct 03, 2021 TDI Podcast: Black Holes and Woolly Bully (#734)

Confidence, Bond Exposure, Economic Bubbles, Black Holes, Portfolio Planning, Fixed Income (KSS), (DDS), (SHW), (NKE), (M) play
Sep 26, 2021 TDI Podcast: Liquidity Wins (#733)

Evergrande, Budget, Market Volatility (WMT), (NKE), (BTCUSD), (JPM) play
Sep 19, 2021 TDI Podcast: Grabbing Income Streams (#732)

Noland Langford

(SPY), (INMD), (QQQ), (@CL), (@NG) play
Sep 12, 2021 TDI Podcast: OMG this FUV (#731)

Mark Frohnmayer

Sep 05, 2021 TDI Podcast: TINA and SFTLR (#730)

Back to School, Financial Gardening, Economics, TINA (AAPL), (GOOGL), (RTY), (SPY), (QQQ), (FB), (MSFT) play
Aug 29, 2021 TDI Podcast 729: NothingBurger

Taper Powell, Jackson Hole, Listener Questions, Policy Mistake, Bull and Bear Case (PTON), (JWN), (GOS), (IWM) play
Aug 22, 2021 TDI Podcast: YCharts with Sean Brown (#728)

Sean Brown

Research Platforms, YCharts, China Crackdown, Markets, Outlook (BABA), (KWEB), (DIDI), (BIDU) play
Aug 15, 2021 TDI Podcast: Confidence Break (#727)