The Disciplined Investor – Essential Strategies for Success

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Harry S. Dent, Jr., author of The Next Great Bubble Boom
“In this book, Andrew Horowitz offers sensible, no-nonsense advice to new investors…”

Jeff Zbar, Business Columnist, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
“Andrew is a skilled planner and financial ally to any investor…”

Howard Lindzon, Founder, Wallstrip
“…you should add his book to your collection.”

Art Sbarsky, Lifestyle Magazines
“Andrew Horowitz has written The Disciplined Investor as a guide to help all levels of investors in the process of maximizing their hope for success…”

Angelo C. Malahias, Former President, Andrx Corporation
“…an excellent read for anyone who wants to take control of their financial situation. Horowitz’s book provides insights, even to seasoned investors. It is also a great how-to guide for MSN MoneyCentral.”

Michael Brauser, Owner, Marlin Capital Partners
“The Disciplined Investor is a must have for anyone who wants to make smart lucrative investments. It is the definitive guide to all things financial…”

Rob Booker, Piptopia
“Andrew Horowitz wrote a great book about general investing, and the book includes a lot of insights that I found unique and applicable to anyone who does more than just trade currency. Powerful, tightly packaged information that gives investors the knowledge they need to make smarter and more profitable investing decisions right now”

Timothy Sykes, author of An American Hedge Fund
“I‘ll be adding it to my library of recommended books since it gives a great overview of all the financial planning basics and is unusually understandable”

Audiobook available from iTunes and Amazon

Zachary Scheidt, Hedge Fund Manager – Stearman Capital
Far from a textbook on market theory and academic arguments, the book provides tangible resources which an individual investor can use to effectively analyze market movements, portfolio allocations, risk tolerances and potential investments. While the author makes reference to many astute and well regarded academic masterpieces, the information is passed on to readers in an attractive package that strengthens ones understanding of fundamental investing principles.

Thank you Andrew for such a valuable tool!

Very Insightful
By: Owl Eyes

I bought this book after listening to Andrew’s podcast. I recommend this book to everyone. Andrew provides thorough explanations of the different types of investment options. I am going to reread this book since I enjoyed it. Kudos.

Solid investment advice
By: J.P.

I purchased this book after listening to a few editions of the Disciplined Investor podcast. The book offers solid investment advice in a concise format. Andrew Horowitz provides the reader with a good overview of a rational and well thought out investment strategy, leaving out all of the “get rich quick” schemes that are so readily available in the marketplace. The Disciplined Investor is a great resource for a new investor or an investor who has followed some of the get rich quick schemes and lost money. Highly recommended.

Great Place To Start or Fine Tune
By: S.C. Miller

This book along with the podcast “Disciplined Investor” has helped lay a great foundation for me as a new investor. I highly suggest this book along with the podcast for any new or experience investor to be enhanced with the solid fundamentals of investing.

Great Investment Read
by C. Arellano

I recently purchased this book and would highly recommend it to anyone serious about learning to invest or adding to their current investing knowledge. The author presents an easy to understand, common sense approach to investing. “The Disciplined Investor” is definitely a must read for the beginner and great back to basics for the seasoned investor.

Gets you on the right path
By: J. Boyd

Recently I have gotten to point in my life where I have a relatively significant amount of personal savings (at least to me). And like so many others I have started to invest without the proper foundations. My wife found Andrews podcast on iTunes and thought I might like it. Though his book and podcast I have been enlightened on many of my bad behaviors common among new investors but also to the wide universe of investing opportunities. This book will set you on the path of good, intelligent investing. However it will not tell you exactly how or what to invest in. What it does is give you a sound starting point on the grand adventure of learning about the markets and trying to make your own fortune.

A Must for New Investors
By: Evan I.

I just started working at my first full-time, salaried job 3 months ago. I have always had an interest in investing and a desire to supplement my income because I knew my career of choice is not a high paying one. The day that I got my first paycheck I decided I wanted to begin investing. But I knew that I had to accumulate a few months of paychecks and spend that same few months studying. I found the disciplined investor podcast on itunes, and downloaded every episode to listen to on my way home from work. I was learning a lot, but felt like I had no foundation. I heard during one podcast that he was coming out with a book for people just like me and I knew I had to have it. I got it one day, stayed home sick the next, and read the thing from cover to cover. It was such a shot of confidence, and it’s great knowing that it’ll sit next to me as an investing manual while I continue to learn more. Again ITS A MUST HAVE FOR BEGINNERS!

Don‘t start to be involved in the market before reading the book.

By: E. Smith
The book, along with the “The Disciplined Investor” podcast are invaluable for investors in the beginning of their way. Reading the book will save you lots of money and guide you in the path to success in the market.

Great Book!
By: Dennis K.

I have been listening to Andrew’s Pod Cast and really enjoyed his perspectives on the market. You can tell that he is on your side! The book is great for a beginning investor like my self. It sheds some light on all the terms and lingo, and really gives you confidence to take on the market!
I really enjoy Andrew’s writing and would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to better their knowledge on investing.

Excellent book! Try the podcast too!
By: Oleander

I came across this book via the author’s free podcast. The author has many guests on his podcast. Discussions between Mr. Horowitz and his guests reveal his refreshing attitude towards a potentially dreary and boring topic. He seems to be an “educator,” in the sense that he actually wants people to learn what’s best for them. So I got the book and it’s fantastic! I highly recommend it. I am just beginning to learn about investing, so some of the podcast is over my head, but I think the book will help me fill in the gaps. Practical, clear, full of valuable tips, and entertaining–I’m really enjoying it.

Covers a lot of necessary financial topics
By: L. E.

Like others that left reviews, I learned of this book through the iTunes podcast. His podcasts are free and I bought the book as a way of saying “thanks” for his podcast. I have invested for almost 30 years and learned much of what Andrew covers, but the book still has topics that I am not as familiar with as I should be. He actually has me considering some techniques that I previously dismissed. Andrew has a great style where he is focused on informing us vs. trying to “sell” the ideas that we see so much on the financial news. If you like the fast pace and hard sell you see on TV, then this is probably not for you. However, if you want a book that covers the “essentials” as it says in the title, this is a good book to start with. Flip through the book on Amazon to see the content and his writing style. Don’t forget to get the podcast too.

Audiobook available from iTunes and Amazon

Great Book and Podcast
By: Thomas J.

I started listening to Andrew’s podcast a few months ago. Enjoyed it so much, I bought the book. Have enjoyed the book and am looking forward to applying the principles within. Thanks….keep up the great work.

A very useful book
By: Joshua A.

I first found Andrew Horowitz on his The Disciplined Investor podcast. He has offered an easy-to-understand approach to a wide range of investment channels. This book is a must for anyone ready to start investing, like myself.

Great Book
By: Cindy Jo King

This is a great book. Andrew really knows what he is talking about. I am sure the information gained from this book will help me with my investments.

Overall, a great starting point
By: B. T.

Horowitz is able to break down difficult concepts for the novice investor and hold his/her hand until ready for researching the options available to him/her. It is a good, quick read and provides a very useful thesis about the importance of establishing and following a discipline in investing.

The podcast reeled me in and the book got me hooked!
By: X

I started listening to The Disciplined Investor Podcast back in the summer. As a new investor I really appreciated the straight forward information and advice that made it easy for me to get going right away. It is a good read even if you are just getting started and a must have if you are a fan of the podcast. It has really helped me be objective and come up with a focused investing plan. I recommend it highly!

A very instructional book
By: P. Wenning

I too, have been listening to the podcast, The Disciplined Investor. I learned of this book from the podcast. I find the podcast informative and instructional. The book is more of the same. The book goes into more detail than the podcast which I am finding helpful for my investing strategy. The book is a great ‘dictionary’ for learning stock market terminology. This book is a good addition to my library of reference material for learning about the stock market and investing.

Great Investing Overview
By: S.J.

I got serious about finances when I got married a few months ago. Andrew Horowitz’s expertise through his podcasts has been a tremendous help, but the book is even better. His writing style is clear and succinct, and the definitions of financial terms throughout the chapters are very helpful. I especially appreciate the balanced overview of different investment strategies and tools, as well as instructions on how to implement each one. Keep up the good work, Andrew!

The best investor‘s book since “A Random Walk Down Wall Street”
By: Bill “investor”

I got “The Disciplined Investor” for Christmas 2007. The information Andrew Horowitz gave me has helped me to make rational decisions in preparing for a turbulent beginning to 2008. His podcast is great but having the book as a guide is indispensable.

Great fundamental strategies
By: Avid Investor

Sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics… especially in these stressful market times. Whether a new investor/trader or someone who has been in the game for quite some time, this book seems to be able to bring all of the most important and fundamental strategies into focus. It’s nice to be reminded why I got into this game in the first place. A welcome addition to my library.

Now I Get it!
By: Adam R.

This is as the title states. Discussion and definitions of the some of the most used and until now misunderstood investment strategies I followed. Has really helped to nail down my own discipline by using the tools and processes taught…..

Audiobook available from iTunes and Amazon