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Jan 25, 2015 TDI Podcast: Das on The “Panglossian” World, Oil Opportunities (#397)


Tom Wheelwright

Tom Wheelwright

Oil, Oil Stocks, Euro, ECB, Central Bankers (SPY), (EUR/USD), (XLE) play
Jan 11, 2015 TDI Podcast: Back To The Basics With Horowitz & Son (Episode 395)

Brett Horowitz

Market Basics, Oil, Gold, Economics (SPY), (GPRO), (AAPL), (GLD) play
Jan 04, 2015 TDI Podcast: 5 Investment Tips for 2015 (#394)

New Year ideas, investing basics, world economics (GPRO), (AAPL), (CAT), (SPY) play
Dec 28, 2014 TDI Podcast: The High Cost of Low Inflation (#393)

(GPRO), (SPY), (IWM), NCL) play
Sep 07, 2014 TDI Podcast: Leading the Pack with Chris Hogan (#380)

Chris Hogan

Social Media, Expense Ratios, Apple, ECB (AAPL), (SPY) play
Sep 01, 2014 TDI Podcast: Indiscriminate Buying (#379)

(AAPL), (GLD), (GPRO), (SPY), (LOCO), (FEYE) play
May 18, 2014 TDI Podcast – Mixed Up Market (#364)

hedging, India, Markets, Economics, Stocks to Watch (LNKD), (BIDU), (SPY), (IWM) play
Mar 30, 2014 TDI Podcast: Rotten IPOs and How To Weather The Coming Storm (#357)

(FB), (TWTR), (IBB), (NFLX), (QQQ), (SPY), (RSX) play
Nov 24, 2013 TDI Podcast: Builders, Developers and Puppy Dogs (Episode #340)

Market Tops, Builders, Commodities, Bubbles, Economics (GS), (GLD), (SLV), (SPY) play
Mar 18, 2012 TDI Podcast: The Psychology of The 50 Day Moving Average with Brian Shannon (#255)

Brian Shannon

Greece Default, Green Mountain Coffee, Natural Gas, Energy, Economics (SPY), (WPRT), (AAPL),(CLNE),(CRR), (MCP), (BAC), (JPM), (C), (WFC) play
Feb 12, 2012 TDI Podcast: VIX Surges, Apple (AAPL) Climax and Das On Europe (#250)


Europe, Vix, Middle East, Climax tops (AAPL), (VIX), (SPY), (CSCO) play
Jan 29, 2012 TDI Podcast – Rigged Money with Lee Munson and Up is Down, Down is Up (#248)

Lee Munson

Markets, Europe, Retail Investors, Earnings (AAPL) (GOOG) (UNG) (SPY) (NFLX) (BAC) play