Date Published Title Guest Podcast Topics Stocks Audio
Jul 07, 2024 TDI Podcast: Das’s Dead Dollar (#876)

Satyajit Das

Inflation, Presidential Debate, Market Breadth, Geopolitics and Dedollariszation (SPY), (NVDA), (GEO), (SMH), (TSLA) play
Jun 30, 2024 TDI Podcast: The Awesome Portfolio (#875)

Jared Dillian

The Awesome Portfolio, Health Money, Proper use of debt, Stress and Risk (SPY) play
Jun 23, 2024 TDI Podcast: GOAT – Jim Rogers (#874)

Jim Rogers

Emerging Markets, Gold, Fed Policy (SPY) play
Jun 16, 2024 TDI Podcast: Evolutionary Trading (#873)

Steve Sanders

Trading Tools, T+1, Stock Analysis (SPY), (QQQ), (NVDA) play
May 26, 2024 TDI Podcast: Let’s Retire Rich (#870)

Michael Johnston

Social Security, Taxes, Alternatives (NVDA), (QQQ), (SPY) play
Feb 18, 2024 TDI Podcast: The ETF Architect (#856)

Wesley Gray

ETFs vs Mutual Funds, Quant Investing, Algos, 351 Transaction (TOST), (SMCI), (NVDA), (SPY), (YETI) play
Feb 04, 2024 TDI Podcast: McClellan’s Tidal Forces (#854)

Tom McClellan

Technical Analysis, Advance-Decline Line,, Global Warming, Stock Trends (SPY), (QQQ), (AAPL), (AMZN) play
Jan 07, 2024 TDI Podcast: Skate To The Puck (#850)

Valuations, Rotation., January Effect, China, Oil (SMH), (OIL), (MCHI), (FXI), (SPY) play
Dec 31, 2023 TDI Podcast: Parade of Guests 2023 (1)

Best OF, Parade of Guests (SPY), (QQQ) play
Dec 03, 2023 TDI Podcast: More Gains to Come? (#845)

November 2023, Equity Performance, KRI Overheated, 2024 Fed (AMZN), (NKE), (SPY), (GLD), (SLV), (OIL), (DIA) play
Nov 19, 2023 TDI Podcast: Flow with Curzio (#843)

Frank Curzio

(TGT), (MSFT), (SBUX), (DIS), (NVDA), (TSLA), (QQQ), (KRE), (AAPL), (NKE), (SPY), (IWM) play
Oct 29, 2023 TDI Podcast: DiMartino’s Hail Mary (#840)

Danielle DiMartino Booth

Consumer Trouble, GDP Abnormality, Layoffs, FED (TGT), (WMT), (SPY), (AMZN) play
Oct 15, 2023 TDI Podcast: Funding Sustainable Bubbles (#838)

Robbie Miles

Satyajit Das

Sustainability, Middle East, Oil, Bubbles, Debt (SPY), (JPM), (KRE), (TLT), (USO) play
Sep 24, 2023 TDI Podcast: Yentervention (#835)

Chris Vecchio

Fed Hawk, Yen Intervention, Global Economy, Options, Gama Squeeze (YEN), (JPY), (TSLA), (AAPL), (SPY) play
Sep 17, 2023 TDI Podcast: Energy Transitions (#834)

Erik Townsend

Oil Prices, Inflation, Fed moves, Energy Transition, Peak Oil (Oil), (SPY), (QQQ), (RWN), (URA), (URNM) play
Sep 10, 2023 TDI Podcast: Dow Theory and Trends (#833)

Manuel Blay

Dow Theory, Confirmation, Bad Breath, Market Timing, Swing Trading, Trend Following (QQQ), (SPY), (RSP), (DIA) play
Aug 27, 2023 TDI Podcast: Bad IRA Advice (#831)

IRA in Annuities, Government Shutdown, Investment Ideas (SPY), (TSLA), (DKS), (M) play
Aug 20, 2023 TDI Podcast: The Ozempic Economy (#830)

Ed Easterling

Diversification, Monetary Policy, Government Shutdown (SPY), (AAPL) play
Jul 16, 2023 TDI Podcast: A High Bar (#825)

Patrick O'Hare

Earnings Season, Market Trend, Trading Ideas, Trading, Fed Actions (AAPL), (JPM), (BAC), (NFLX), (SPY) play
Jul 02, 2023 TDI Podcast: Ignore It All (#823)

Bull and Bear Markets (SPY), (QQQ) play