TDI Podcast: Crossing Wall Street with Eddy Elfenbein (#556)

First time guest, Eddy Elfenbein is dedicated to a bottom’s up approach when researching stocks. While many investors are all about a momentum, top down approach, Eddy explains his strategy and how that has helped him with some great long-term performance.

Markets stage a comeback for the week, Missiles fired on Syria in symbolic hand-slap and the Fed is a bit more hawkish in latest FOMC Minutes – all this and more…

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Eddy Elfenbein is a Washington, DC-based speaker, portfolio manager and editor of the blog Crossing Wall Street. His Buy List has beaten the S&P 500 eight times in the last ten years.

At Crossing Wall Street, Eddy gives investors a free and unbiased view of the market. According to Eddy: “I probably analyze dozens of companies every week. I’m always looking over income statements and balance sheets. I’ve spent several years collecting my list of the best companies to own.”

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Stocks discussed in this episode – (GPRO), (TSLA), (SPY)