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Dec 06, 2015TDI Podcast: Frank Curzio’s Outlook (#441)

Frank Curzio

Energy, Mega Caps, 2016 Preview, MLPs, Economics(GPRO), (AXY.TO), (MUX), (XOM), (KMI), (FB), (T), (BABA), (GOOGL) play
Nov 08, 2015TDI Podcast: Beyond The Employment Blowout (#437)

(WTW), (FB), (SPY), (SHAK), (IBM) play
Nov 01, 2015TDI Podcast: The Great Flip-Flop (#436)

China economics, earnings, technical indicators, Central Banks, republican debate(SPY), (IWM), (CMG), (FB) play
Oct 18, 2015TDI Podcast: Frank Curzio Says: Sell This Sector NOW! (#434)

Frank Curzio

Earnings, Sectors, Fed Rally, Apple Update, Stock ideas(IBB), (DK), (PXD), (EOG), (CLR), (CKP), (AAPL), (FB), (TWTR), (NFLX) play
Aug 02, 2015TDI Podcast: China’s Want Generation with Eric Fish (#423)

Eric Fish

China, Federal Reserve, Global Economics, Stocks, Facebook, Twitter, Crude Oil(YANG), (SHAK), (TWTR), (FB), (XLE) play
May 03, 2015TDI Podcast: Great News From Benzinga (#411)

Jason Raznick

Investing Tools, Markets, Social Media(FB), (TWTR), (LNKD), (YELP) play
Feb 22, 2015TDI Podcast: Let’s Get Some Big Things Done! (#401)

Erica Dhawan

Next generation trends, social media, Greece, Fundamentals,(SPY), (TWTR), (FB), (GOOG) play
Aug 03, 2014TDI Podcast: Market Woes (#375)

(TWTR), (FB), (LNKD) play
Jul 20, 2014TDI Podcast: Short and Sweet (#373)

(GPRO), (IBM), (AAPL), (CAT), (FB) play
Apr 20, 2014TDI Podcast: The Failing Wealth Effect, Tesla Ready for a Move (#360)

(TSLA), (TWTR), (WB), (CMG), (IBM), (NFLX), (FB) play
Mar 30, 2014TDI Podcast: Rotten IPOs and How To Weather The Coming Storm (#357)

(FB), (TWTR), (IBB), (NFLX), (QQQ), (SPY), (RSX) play
Mar 09, 2014TDI Podcast: Howard Lindzon Shares His Insights (Bad Apples Everywhere) #354

Howard Lindzon

Ukraine is part of the show and the Russian situation. Most of the time Howard Lindzon is telling us about his strategies and some great insight into financial social media.(TSLA), (FB), (TWTR), (GLD), play
Feb 16, 2014TDI Podcast – The Blame Game and Biderman on Shrinking Float (#351)

Charles Biderman

The Weather, Upcoming Economics, China Credit, Retail Sales, Electric Vehicles, Miami Boat Show, Under Armour(TSLA), (SCTY), (UA), (WFI), (GNC), (TWTR), (FB) play
Nov 05, 2013TDI Podcast: Facebook’s Face-plant and Wild Enthusiasm (#337)

Earnings, Investor Enthusiasm, Central Banks, Facebook, KRI Indicator(TSLA), (FB), (RGR), (TPX),(SCTY),(XOM) play
Oct 27, 2013TDI Podcast: Frank Curzio’s BEST Company in the World (#336)

Frank Curzio

China, Tesla, Valuations, small-cap stocks, earnings, Facebook(TSLA), (FB), (NQ), (BIDU),(NTES),(XOM),(BBY),(AMZN) play
Aug 04, 2013TDI Podcast: Matt Galgani of IBD and Digging into Earnings Season (#324)

Matt Galgani

Fundamentals of Investing, Earnings, Economics, unemployment(FB), (GMCR), (LOPE), (CREE), (KORS), (TRIP) play
Sep 23, 2012TDI Podcast: Stalling and Rallying at the Same Time with Scott O’Neil (#281)

Scott O'Neill

Stocks, Trends , Strategy, Charts(ADBE), (FB), (VIX), (GMCR) (JCP) play
Aug 26, 2012TDI Podcast: Frank Curzio is Bullish, Stimulus Fatigue and Poultry (#277)

Frank Curzio

Stocks, Europe, Stimulus, Economics, Steel, Coal(SAFM) (TSN) (FB) (CSCO) (RIMM) (STLD) (HUN) play
May 27, 2012TDI Podcast: Facebook Flops, Euro Drops but Pandora Rocks! (#265)

Europe, Facebook IPO, Short Ideas, US Markets, Payrolls(GTLS), (FB), (GLUU), (SXCI), (UTRH), (GNC) play
May 20, 2012TDI Podcast: Curzio on Markets and Pro Tools with TAS (#264)

Frank Curzio

Peter Emmanuel

Peter Emmanuel

Europe, Facebook IPO, Technical Analysis, US Markets, Metals(GTLS), (SLV), (LNKD), (FB) play