TDI Podcast: The Very Bestest of 2018 (#594)

The Best – the very best of 2018. There was some many great guest and fantastic discussions. We went back and took a look at some of our favorites and put them together for this show.

Plenty more in store for 2019. A bug thanks to you – the listeners – for making this show such a great success!

We started the year off with guest Danielle DiMartino Booth. During our conversation in Episode 543, we looked at pricing power, GDP and monetary policy.

In March 2018, the idea of a tariff war spooked markets. It seemed at the time that it was nothing more than a trial balloon that was busted as soon as markets reacted poorly. In Episode 551, we discuss how this felt like a Bubba Gump moment.

In April, Daniel Crosby helped us better understand group think and communal fictions. As markets moved wildly over the past few months leading up to this discussion, we learn how penguins can offer some important insights during Episode 557.

Fast forward to July and we had Frank Curzio on again for Episode 571. We banged heads a bit on the benefits of tariffs and also had an interesting discussion about Tesla.

In Episode 578 with John Pugliano, we had a fascinating discussion about robotics and the potential for what will be the future of automation.

A review of an important topic in Episode 584 as we took a look at the Active vs. passive debate. Basically, we fell like some advisors are just being lazy when recommending ETFs for certain sectors/asset classes within a portfolio.

To start December, we spoke with Arthur Herman, PhD about American Exceptionalism in Episode 590. Discussing his in depth research of the impact of American business on the WW2 efforts.