TDI Podcast: Retirement Secrets/Mistakes (#865)

Herky-Jerky market action continues.

Powell puts down the gavel.

Tariffs enter the picture again

And our Guest this week – Steve Selengut talking Retirement Money Secrets and The Biggest Mistakes People make investing.

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Steve Selengut, a 40+ year professional investment manager/advisor/RIA/IAR whose current adventure is coaching both individuals and other advisors in creating income independence for themselves and their clients.

I’m also promoting my 2nd book, Retirement Money Secrets.  

Steve was a private investment manager for 44 years, personally managing around 325 individual portfolios in the USA and abroad. One of a very few investment book authors who have directly managed other people’s money.

Check this out and find out more at: Brokers - Why IB?

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Stocks mentioned in this episode: (NFLX)