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Mar 09, 2019TDI Podcast: Energized with David Morgan (#603)

David Morgan

Energy, Commodities, Pull-Froward, China, ECB, Markets(TSLA), (GLD), (OIL), (XLE) play
Mar 06, 2016TDI Podcast: Tips from Matt Tucker of Blackrock (#453)

Matt Tucker

Inflation, TIPS, Election Cycle, KRI Indicator(TIP), (XLE), (HYG) play
Aug 02, 2015TDI Podcast: China’s Want Generation with Eric Fish (#423)

Eric Fish

China, Federal Reserve, Global Economics, Stocks, Facebook, Twitter, Crude Oil(YANG), (SHAK), (TWTR), (FB), (XLE) play
Jan 25, 2015TDI Podcast: Das on The “Panglossian” World, Oil Opportunities (#397)


Tom Wheelwright

Tom Wheelwright

Oil, Oil Stocks, Euro, ECB, Central Bankers(SPY), (EUR/USD), (XLE) play
Jan 18, 2015TDI Podcast: Dead Cat Bounce or “V”? (#396)

ECB, Oil, Greexce Exit, State of the Union, Economics, Swiss Franc(GPRO), (SLB), (USO), (XLE), (PCLN) play
Dec 14, 2014TDI Podcast: Introducing Ticker.TV and Market Playbook (#392)

Blain Reinkensmeyer

Stimulus, Educations tools, Markets, Fed Playbook, GoPro, Crude Oil(USO), (GRPO), (MCD), (YUM), (XLE) play