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Merger Mania – Busiest Quarter in 2 Years (What Next?)

The spark that lighted the fire for the September rally was a combination of oversold signals as well as M&A activity that had investors bidding up stocks in hopes of being the next one to score. How long that will last will be determined on how long the FED keeps...

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AK Steel (AKS) and US Steel (X) in Talks…

US Steel (X) to buy AK Steel (AKS)? Maybe, maybe not. But there is a good amount of speculation surroundings the spike in shares and general activity today.

AK Steel (AKS) rode higher as rumors were being passed around that there were possible suitors. U.S. Steel (X) was the name that...

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Netflix (NFLX) Ripe for Takeover?

(Note: TDIMG portfolios added an initial position of NFLX today…)

Is Microsoft a potential suitor for Netflix? Read on…(not a new idea, but….)

If you have been following the recent Xbox progress by Microsoft (MSFT), you may have noticed that Mr. Softy is back looking to takeover your living room. Yes, the...

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Hey Yahoo! – Microsoft is now MaxiHARD

Is it over? Maybe not….Maybe this is part of a bigger plan…

Microsoft may be actually pulling the plug on the Yahoo! deal as a form of intimidation. It is a risky play, but perhaps it is a strategy that is sort of a “See what happens to your shares...

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TDI Episode 43: Inside MSN Money and The Facebook Factor

Special Guest: Chris Jolley, MSN Money Senior Manager. $180 prize giveaway. MSN Money and discussion of where they are going. Andrew begins with a discussion of the Microsoft and YAHOO! deal and the real reasons for the move. Then we go in depth into the MSN Money site and what it has to offer.

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Microsoft and Yahoo! – Facebook is the Real Reason

Balmer is dancing, Yang is sobbing. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the distant sound of Taps playing as the vultures are circling what is left of a once gorgeous technology story. After a pathetic quarter and an even more disappointing year, Yahoo! is now bleeding a slow...

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Yahoo! and AOL to Merge?

Just for fun…. Click the video below and ask yourself if something looks a touch familiar about of the AOL and Yahoo! sites. Click it over and over.

With all of the problems that both companies have encountered (GOOGLE) and the competition they endure (GOOGLE), it would be of great...

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