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Indicators We Are Watching: Bulls In Charge / Volume Soft

Mixed signals after a good week for equities, on light volume. Perhaps volume does not mean that much anymore? No… It means something and we need to watch these trends of higher days on low volume and lower days on higher volume.

Watch for a change in the relationship of the...

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Indicators We Are Watching – Bank Index Flashes Gravestone Doji

There has been a change in sentiment that appeared last week and that shows up well in charts. The S&P Banking Index turned from a breakout late in the week and provides a bearish signal (Gravestone Doji). In addition, the S&P 500’s reversal has an inverted hammer candle with a...

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Indicators We Are Watching: On The Precipice

We are on the precipice. Either we are going to scale that wall or we are going to fall from it. Between the health care overhaul and the impending financial reform, it has become increasingly difficult to understand what the next 1-2 years will look like.

For the most part, we...

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Indicators We are Watching – 3% Mutual Fund Cash is Troubling

By several measures, equity markets are beginning to overheat. Yet, this has been the standard move that has been seen since the March 2009 capitulation low.

In other words, markets move higher (and higher) without too much of a break in the action and then they pause, move higher with low...

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Indicators We Are Watching: This Week – Up to Start and Down to End

Many of the indicators we watch have been pointing toward a break higher for markets along with commodities. There have been a few that were stuck in neutral while others were flashing BUY.

One of our favorites have been the McClellan Oscillator along with the NYSE Advance/Decline oscillator, the latter we...

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Indicators We Are Watching: An Apathetic Condition

Volume is one of those indicators that cannot be ignored. It does not show an overbought or oversold signal and it does not oscillate. What it does do is provide a measure of conviction for a market and a better reading on investor sentiment.

Most recently, it almost seems that there...

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Indicators We Are Watching – Low Volume Rally is Suspect

The low volume rally for major indicies does not provide a clear direction as there is limited conviction by the bulls. Even so, several indicators turned higher as the recent correction allowed a lift from an oversold condition.

Oil is hitting hard resistance and the U.S. dollar finally broke...

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Indicators We Are Watching – Bullish Signals for Metals? (GLD) (SLV)

Over the past few weeks, the U.S. Dollar has been strengthening. This is in direct response to the EuroZone’s problem with the PIIGS and a flight to safety. In reaction, metals have been drifting lower as have been most commodities.

Yet last week we finally saw the correlation break (dollar up,...

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Indicators We are Watching – Oil Appears Oversold (For Now)

There have been several warning signs over the past few weeks that now were obviously a “tell” for the coming direction of equities. (Hindsight is 20/20 of course)

Much of the action can be blamed on the sovereign debt concerns and the U.S. dollar’s rocket, causing short covering of carry-trades. There...

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