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Apr 13, 2019TDI Podcast: But, They Have Scooters! (#607)

Frank Curzio

Earnings Season, Economy, Stocks, Disney Streaming, Oil and Gas(JPM), (PNC), (WFC), (C), (DIS), (AMZN), (NVDA), (FB), (X), (CVX) play
Jul 08, 2018TDI Podcast : A New Twist on Seasonality Charts (#570)

Seasonality Charts, Economic update, Yield Curve ramifications(EEM), (SPY), (NFLX), (C), (BAC), (GS), (WHR), (X) play
Apr 01, 2018TDI Podcast: Adapting to Market Conditions (#554)

Improving investment returns, Economic update, Technical levels(X), (AMZN), (QQQ), (DIA), (SPY), (TWTR), (M) play
Mar 11, 2018TDI Podcast: Bubba Gump Tariffs (#551)

Tariffs, Economic indicators, market technicals, cryptocurrency regulation(FB), (X), (AKS), (CAT), (BA), (F), (GM), ($BTC) play
Dec 25, 2016TDI Podcast: What We Learned In 2016 (#490)

A review of 2016, Outlook for 2017, Sector Rotation, Top 10 Podcasts for 2016(X), (FCX), (CAT), (SPY) play
Nov 13, 2016TDI Podcast: Throwing Spaghetti with Danielle DiMartino Booth (#484)

Danielle DiMartino Booth

The Fed's Process, 2016 Election, Beer Goggle Markets(AAPL), (GOOG), (MSFT), (TBT), (TLT), (X), (LMT), (KOL) play
Dec 01, 2013TDI Podcast: Bitcoin’s Bonanza and 5 Turkey Stocks for The Holidays

(GLD), (COG),(VMW),(CLF),(WTI),(DHI),(X) play
Sep 22, 2013TDI Podcast: Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on Europe’s Coming Crisis (Episode #331)

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Europe crisis, Stimulus, Central Banks, KRI, Emerging markets(AAPL), (JCP), (X), (AWAY) play
Aug 18, 2013TDI Podcast: Worst Week, KRI Indicator, Tools You Need (#326)

Economic, Fed Taper, KRI Indicator, Listener questions, (JCP) earnings, Gold and Egypt(CLF), (X), (AAPL), (JCP), (WMT), (Crude), (Gold) play
Aug 11, 2013TDI Podcast: Franky “C” IS In The House, Tesla and Â¥1,000,000,000,000,000 (#325)

Frank Curzio

Small Cap stocks, world eco, fundamentals, tesla, shale(CLF), (X), (LPI), (WPRT), (CCC), (BHI), (HAL), (GE), (WMT), play
Jan 13, 2013TDI Podcast: Price Action with Al Brooks and Our Favorite Trading Tools (# 296)

Al Brooks

Kevin Hoffmann

Kevin Hoffmann

China, Economy, Trillion Dollar Coin, Fiscal Cliff, Earnings Season(AAPL), (LEN), (X), (HPQ), (HLF) play
Jan 06, 2013TDI Podcast: Earnings Season and The Trillion Dollar Nonsense (#295)

China, Economy, Trillion Dollar Coin, Fiscal Cliff, Earnings Season(AAPL), (LEN), (X), (HPQ), (HLF) play
Sep 16, 2012TDI Podcast: iPhone 5, German Ruling and FED Decision with RANSquawk (#280)

Anthony Cheung

Stocks, Europe, FOMC, Stimulus, Metals, China Stimulus(ADBE), (AAPL), (VIX), (TZA) (CLF), (X), (AKS) play
Sep 09, 2012TDI Podcast: China Stimulus, FOMC and Stocks That Could Fly (#279)

Stocks, Europe, FOMC, Stimulus, Metals, China Stimulus(AAPL), (RGR), (LULU), (ULTA), (CLF), (X), (AKS), (GGB), (GX) play