Date Published Title Guest Podcast Topics Stocks Audio
Sep 03, 2017 TDI Podcast: Vitaliy Katsenelson’s Three Pillars (#524)

Vitaliy Katsenelson

Value Investing, Retail Winners and Losers, Economics This Week, North Korea (WMT), (TGT), (AMZN) play
Aug 27, 2017 TDI Podcast: House Hacking with Paul Moore (#523)

Paul Moore

Real Estate investments, Grocers, Hurricane Harvey, Gas and Oil Prices (AMZN), (KR), (TGT), (UNFI), (WMT), (COST) play
Aug 13, 2017 TDI Podcast – Turning Points with Erik Townsend (#521)

Erik Townsend

Economics, Hedge Funds, Peak Low Oil, Vix (VIX), (ROST), (OIL), (DKS), (HD), (WMT), (TGT) play
Jun 18, 2017 TDI Podcast: Smokin’ Ribs and Hot Markets (#514)

Amazon and Whole Foods, Latest Fed moves, why rates are staying low, economic outlook (AMZN), (TGT), (KR), (WMT), (COST), (SFM), (SVU), (UNFI), (WFM) play
May 28, 2017 TDI Podcast: Opportunities Abound with Frank Curzio (#511)

Frank Curzio

Oil, Retail stocks, Stocks to buy, Bitcoin, Economy (GE), (SM), (BBY), (TGT), (WMT), (GOLD.V), (CHV) play
Nov 20, 2016 TDI Podcast: The Flaws in Research Explained by Variant Perception (#485)

Tian Yang

Trump Rally, Bulk Shippers, Economic research, Sell-side research, Week in Review (DRYS), (SINO), (WMT), (BBY) play
Nov 15, 2015 TDI Podcast: A Game Plan for a Market Crisis (#438)

Hedging Strategies, Market Orders, Sell Stops, Limit orders, (VXX), (SPY), (SH), (TZA), (FOSL), (TWTR), (F), (FL), (HD), (WMT) play
Sep 27, 2015 TDI Podcast: Mixed Market Signals and Biotechs (#431)

(GILD), (SPY), (BIIB), (AMGN), (WMT), (COST), (CELG), (NKE) play
Jun 14, 2015 TDI Podcast: Under The Radar Disruptive Technology (#417)

Louis Basenese

Distuptive Tech, Economics, Stocks, China (WMT), (WFM), (FEYE), (GPRO), (CLIR), (WATT), (SWKS), (HACK) play
Mar 08, 2015 TDI Podcast: Why You Should Sell Apple (AAPL) with Frank Curzio (#403)

Frank Curzio

Apple valuation, Biotechs, Buybacks and Earnings (GE), (T), (AAPL), (TWTR), (WMT), (AMZN(, (RSH), (IBB) play
Feb 15, 2015 TDI Podcast: This Is The Next Hurdle for Stocks (#400)

Greece, Ukraine, Oil, Stock technicals (USO), (SPY), (FOSL), (RAX), (VA), (SCTY), (PCLN), (WMT), JWN), (INTU), (MHK), (DE) play
Aug 24, 2014 TDI Podcast: The Blacklist With Ronnie Moas (#378)

Ronnie Moaz

Central Banks, Earnings, Markets, Employee Rights, Wage growth, Economics (WMT), (AAPL), (MCD), (CVS), (GMCR), (KFT), (MNST), (KO) play
May 31, 2014 TDI Podcast – FrankenCurzio on Monster Markets (#366)

Frank Curzio

Small Caps, Buybacks, Europe ECB, M&A, US Oil Production (AAPL), (CLR), (PXD), (EOG), (LPI), (MSFT), (KORS), (TIF), (TJX), (COST), (WMT), (GOGO), (T), (GMCR), (SINA), (IBM) play
Aug 18, 2013 TDI Podcast: Worst Week, KRI Indicator, Tools You Need (#326)

Economic, Fed Taper, KRI Indicator, Listener questions, (JCP) earnings, Gold and Egypt (CLF), (X), (AAPL), (JCP), (WMT), (Crude), (Gold) play
Aug 11, 2013 TDI Podcast: Franky “C” IS In The House, Tesla and Â¥1,000,000,000,000,000 (#325)

Frank Curzio

Small Cap stocks, world eco, fundamentals, tesla, shale (CLF), (X), (LPI), (WPRT), (CCC), (BHI), (HAL), (GE), (WMT), play
Jun 09, 2013 TDI Podcast: ETFs, Financial Literacy, China’s Eco and Tesla’s Coming Plunge (#317)

Tadas Viskanta

Market breath, china economics,Tesla's coming plunge, listener questions (Yen), (JGBD), (TSLA), (GLD), (AAPL), (ULTA), (QCOR), (WMT) play
Feb 17, 2013 TDI Podcast: Froth, Spineless Governance, Gold, Oil and Herbalife (#301)

Bearishness, Politics, Hedge Funds, Oil, Currency Wars (OIL), (YEN), (HLF), (WMT), (FXY) play