Date PublishedTitleGuestPodcast TopicsStocksAudio
Mar 26, 2017TDI Podcast: Fitting The Narrative (#502)

The Narrative, What to make of the top ten lists, Advertisers fleeing Google, Technical Market Levels(DIA), (SPY), (USO), (GOOG) play
Feb 12, 2017TDI Podcast: You’re Soaking in it – with Kate Stalter (#496)

Kate Stalter

New High Divergence, Diversification, Tax reform, AIRO(USO), (DJIA), (SPY) play
Dec 06, 2016TDI Podcast: Frog Soup MOMO with Jack Vogel (#487)

Jack Vogel

Momentum Investing, Markets, Quantitative Screens, Economics(SPY), (XLU), (MOMO), (USO) play
Apr 10, 2016TDI Podcast: The Season for Earnings (#458)

Earnings Season, Fed, Panama Papers(AA), (JPM), (C), (USO), (BAC), (WFC) play
Apr 03, 2016TDI Podcast – The Lowdown with Larry Jeddeloh (#457)

Larry Jeddeloh

Central Banks, Oil, Market Fundamentals, Market technicals, employment report(SUNE), (TSLA), (USO) play
Mar 20, 2016TDI Podcast – Frederick Vettese (#455)

Fred Vettese

Retirement Planning, Fed, Global Economics, Oil technicals(OIl), (USO), (SPY) play
Jan 17, 2016TDI Podcast: The Return of Bad Advice (#446)

Market correction, China economy, investment advice to avoid(USO), (AAPL), (MS), (SPY) play
Dec 13, 2015TDI Podcast: Never Say This To Investors (#442)

Market meltdown, Stock to Watch, Economics, Oil prices, Junk Bonds(SPY), (USO), (M), (FXI), (YANG), (YINN), (KMI), (FCX) play
Apr 19, 2015TDI Podcast: Brian Shannon “It’s Only Price that Pays” (#409)

Brian Shannon

Technical Analysis. Time Frames, China(YINN), (YANG), (USO) play
Apr 12, 2015TDI Podcast: Trading Oil and Stimulus Bets (#408)

(USO), (UCO), (SCO), (AAPL), (SPY) play
Feb 15, 2015TDI Podcast: This Is The Next Hurdle for Stocks (#400)

Greece, Ukraine, Oil, Stock technicals(USO), (SPY), (FOSL), (RAX), (VA), (SCTY), (PCLN), (WMT), JWN), (INTU), (MHK), (DE) play
Feb 08, 2015TDI Podcast: The EuroZone Domino Theory (#399)

Europe and Greece, Earnings, GoPro, Listener Questions(SPY), (EURO), (USO), (GPRO), (AAPL) play
Jan 18, 2015TDI Podcast: Dead Cat Bounce or “V”? (#396)

ECB, Oil, Greexce Exit, State of the Union, Economics, Swiss Franc(GPRO), (SLB), (USO), (XLE), (PCLN) play
Dec 14, 2014TDI Podcast: Introducing Ticker.TV and Market Playbook (#392)

Blain Reinkensmeyer

Stimulus, Educations tools, Markets, Fed Playbook, GoPro, Crude Oil(USO), (GRPO), (MCD), (YUM), (XLE) play