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TDI Podcast: A Crude Reality (#650)

Matt Smith of ClipperData is out guest on this week’s episode. A really informative discussion on the energy complex.

Markets Starting to Get worried – Bonds kick into high gear and more bad news on the Coronavirus.

Plenty of interesting topics to tackle this week.

Matt Smith is a Director of Commodity Research...

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Oil Inventories: Where is the Oil?

Major demand or maybe just a lack of inventory was seen today in the Department of Energy’s Oil Inventory report.   Major draw downs in inventory stocks were seen across the board.

Crude showed a drop of 10.57 Million barrels vs. expectations of a dip of only 2.125 Million barrels

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The DOE Crude Report at 10:30am – Consumers Lose Either Way

Crude oil prices, along with other commodities have been falling rapid over the past few weeks. Part of the reason is due to the rising U.S. Dollar and the rest due to the concern over demand. Each week the reports from both the API and DOE are released which shows...

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Should Gas Prices Be This High? Some Charts/Data To Consider

Gasoline prices have been rising. In fact, they seem to rise no matter what the actual price of oil is. Apparently, there is only one directional adjustment that can be made at the pump – and that is higher. Even with the recent drop of 12% for WTI crude ,...

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Oil Spikes Lower on Chile Earthquake

Oil spiked lower as the news came that three was another significant aftershock in Chile. This one measured 5.1 and news of the actual damage is still coming in.

The timing of the shift in sentiment in the future’s pits changed exactly at the same time…


(Click to enlarge)

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Oil Inventories and The Facts (USO)

There were mixed numbers from both the API and the DOE. On Tuesday night, the API came out with numbers that showed a large draw-down in Oil inventories but a significant gain in gasoline inventories. Yet, as we have seen before the next day, the report by the DOE showed...

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Video: Supply Will Drive Oil Down

I say the fundamentals don’t support   higher oil prices, and he expects them to fall back below recent peaks.

Watch the video on MSN Money

Supply will drive oil down

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Gasoline Trumps Oil Inventories

Today’s latest release from the Energy Information Administration showed a larger draw-down for oil inventories but a much greater build in gasoline inventories.   Economists were expecting a draw-down in oil inventories of approximately -1.2 million barrels versus the reported -3.9 million barrels.   Although, this was much larger than...

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Sunday Fun: Find the Oil Game

Here is a little online game that takes you through the process of finding, drilling and eventually profiting from oil. Black Gold they call it….

They should have added the ability to search for tankers simply holding the precious material until prices go up as another source of the black slime.


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Really Diggin’ DIG

It has been an amazing thing to watch as crude oil has dropped from $147ish to under $60 per barrel. We chose to close out our DUG position for a nice profit, although admittedly too soon. But the recent drop in oil, coupled with the shellacking that the companies within...

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Skyhigh Oil: We have been Screwed !

I have written on this topic several times before, but I would like you to take extra care and really absorb this today as I can’t help to feel that between the energy fiasco and Fannie/Freddie, we have been screwed. Later this week we will find out just how bad...

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