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A Collection of Swine Talk (and Outbreak Map)

Amazing stories emerging and panic setting in as the world wonders what to make of this. From a small bit of reading, it seems that there is no known cure and that it is now being blamed for over 80 deaths in Mexico. Cases in Canada and Australia are now...

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Mutual Fund Companies in Peril

How much confidence do you have in your mutual funds? If you are like most, you are looking at your statements – at least the ones that you dare to open – differently than ever before. That is probably because you thought that you had a good level of...

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Mutual Fund Companies are Doomed….

Here are charts from the largest and most respected mutual fund companies that are publically traded. It seems to us that even as many of these are breaking new lows that there are more problems and a potential for an additional downward move.

Just think about what you have done with...

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Warren Buffett: Genius or Thief?

According to Bloomberg and other sources around the web:
Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. agreed to buy $3 billion in preferred shares that pay an annual 10 percent dividend and are callable after three years at a 10 percent premium. GE also said it will sell $12 billion in common stock,...

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Morgan Stanley’s “Private” Email to RIAs

Isn’t it terrible that even before I read this I was looking for where the lies and the manipulative discussions were hidden? I am on high alert as I feel lied to and cheated and surely I am not alone.

Below is a note that appeared in my email this morning...

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Let them fail, then we will eat the carcass

This just in… If you read this carefully, it is a clear and open invitation to take down banks and then scoop up their broken and crushed remains by other banking institutions. WOW! I just thought of this… Goldman Sachs (GS) and Morgan Stanely (MS) are now in the game....

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Emperor Paulson: Bankmaster with absolute power

Reckless, gluttonous, disgusting and shocking are only a few of the words that have been used this weekend to describe the amazing bailout of the financial sector. A “mere” $700 billion dollars is the latest figure being bantered about as the sum which will initially be used to liquify the...

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Interactive Chart – Financial Sector is BIG Loser

The Financial sector is down almost a trillion dollars in market cap in under a year. Bailouts may total another trillion or so. The war in Iraq, another trillion.

It seems as though now trillion is the old billion. Nice!

Click below for a great interactive view of; THEN and...

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TDI Podcast 74: The Crash of ’08 – How to Profit

If you invest, you need to listen to this episode. How to play a market correction/crash and 5 Stocks that are cheap in terms of their PEG ratio. Also how to protect your portfolio while the market is continually taking it apart – one position at a time. Andrew brings...

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Could this be the Monday we have all been fearing?

The Lehman (NYSE:LEH) crisis was taken (somewhat) lightly on Friday. Markets were initially down, but it seemed as though most if the traders were moving in and out and had no particular sentiment, either way. Markets down, markets up, no big deal right?

Not so fast. How do we explain a...

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How much is this going to cost? “We don’t know”

This morning, Paulson is being interviewed by Steve Leisman from CNBC. Wow, great discussion…honestly, Steve did an amazing job and so far, I have not seen any softball questions. There is some interesting points to take away. One of the troubling comments from Paulson was that he did not know...

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Bailout or Buyout? Fannie and Freddie

From my MSN TopStocks post:

5:45 on a Friday night. Somehow I knew something was in the air. The end of day upward move for a market that should have traded lower made no sense. It appears that now, according to the WSJ, there is talk about a backstop for Fannie...

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