A Collection of Swine Talk (and Outbreak Map)

Amazing stories emerging and panic setting in as the world wonders what to make of this. From a small bit of reading, it seems that there is no known cure and that it is now being blamed for over 80 deaths in Mexico. Cases in Canada and Australia are now being discovered reported.

Here are some recent stories that poured in over at the news section of FinViz.com)

New Zealand Monitors Travelers for Swine Flu on Tourist Industry Concern

Pork industry assures customers pork is safe (AP)

Oil falls over 2 percent on flu fears

Qantas, Virgin Blue Fall in Sydney Amid Concern Swine Flu May Curb Travel

Airlines in U.S. Are on `Heightened Awareness’ for Flu; No Cancellations

Pork Industry Moves to Quell Flu Fears

U.S. Declares Public Health Emergency on Swine Flu; 20 Cases Are Confirmed

Banks, Fed, earnings, flu in view

Public Health Emergency Declared in U.S. For Swine Flu; No Travel Limits

More U.S. swine flu cases raise pandemic fears

Swine Flu Confirmed at New York School; No City-Wide Increase in Flu Cases

Russia Suspends Imports of Meat From Mexico, Some U.S. States on Swine Flu

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