Capitulation? 3 Positions I am adding…

I am disgusted and disillusioned. I am sure you are as well. Here is my latest journal from the MSN Strategy Lab (I am currently in 2nd place)

I find myself repeating seven words over and over lately: “This is not funny” and “Oh my God.” The S&P 500 has been systematically taken apart over the past few weeks, and it is no wonder as we have been lied to, cheated against and talked to as if we are imbeciles.

Everyone knows that if confidence is to be restored in the financial markets, the best way is to have transparency and some honesty. For years, financial institutions have been burying the facts deep, to a point that the average investor has no way of understanding what they really are.

These days, the information can be found, but through a convoluted and obfuscating process that renders them all but unintelligible. How can anyone decipher this, and why would anyone want to?

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