Strategy Lab: Up 16% helped by “Edge” Strategy

My MSN Strategy Lab portfolio in now up by 16.5% since August 1st. There has been a need to work the edges as the market has been throwing curve balls, sliders and end of day fastballs. Here is my latest journal:

It is really difficult to digest the amount of money that has been thrown at the economy. Some are estimating that over $7.5 trillion has already been spent on what appears to be unapproved monies. Have you wondered how the Fed keeps on getting more money to spend almost daily?

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What is more concerning is the lack of any real due diligence being conducted by government agencies. It is impossible to imagine that an effective level of research has been done to provide the necessary information to make a good decision. They still continue to implement stimulus and the impact will be enormous in many different ways. Could someone please remind our government that we are not running a budget surplus? Sooner or later someone will have to take responsibility for all this money going out. Taxpayers will surely be footing the bill eventually — if not now, then maybe 10 to 20 years down the road.

What‘s a few bucks between friends?

Six hundred billion dollars here, $300 billion there. Why not? We can print it, right? It is bordering on criminal that Hank “Give-em-a-Trillion” Paulson works his Sunday-night, cloak-and-dagger sideshow in an effort to create shock and awe. Unfortunately, the results have been more awful.

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