The Disciplined Investor Podcast – Episode 3

Episode 3 – EBAY and the scam problems, how to play. (DELL) is a buy. Know when to sell a stock!


This episode is dedicated to the topic of investing. To start, look at (EBAY) and the problems they are having with international scam artists. Unless they have a real great quarter (which is in doubt) the shares may tumble. Detailed discussion about how to play this for a nice profit.

Michael Dell is back as the head of his namesake…Dell Computer. The shares are low, the forecasts are depressing… So, why did he buy almost 3 million shares last May? Is it time to follow him?

Finally, we discuss the age old problem of knowing when it is time to finally get out of a losing position. There is one simple question to ask that will provide a clear-cut answer, time and time again.

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