The Disciplined Investor Podcast – Episode 4

Episode 4 – Quant Screen for profits. The Mailbag is open. Some ideas on how to lock in credit now to make sure you are set for the future.


The week was great for the world markets. The DJIA had the best week in 4 years, and Asia was at all time highs again. This podcast is making its way up the charts, and a big thanks goes out to all of our subscribers for their help spreading the word.

We discuss:
1) Quant Screen for oversold stocks. Uncover a few gems with profit potential.
2) The Mailbag is open. A few great questions are answered. There is something for everyone. Copies of the new book The Disciplined Investor will be awarded to one listener during each show. Just submit a question to
askandrew (at) or go to the site and click on MAILBOX
3) Credit problems are changing banking regulations. Some ideas on how to lock in credit now to make sure you are set for the future.

Week #3 CNBC Million Dollar trading contest. Andrew’s portfolio is up 27%, since inception. Stocks, ETFs and Funds discussed along with more financial insights.


Other Files and Show Mentions

MoneyCentral Screening Tool instructions:


  1. Go to the Deluxe Screener for stocks
  2. On the Deluxe Screener File menu, click Import Criteria.
  3. Find the search criteria file you want to import (the file name will end in . iff), and then click Open.
  4. To view the imported search again later, you can save it as a Deluxe Screener search. See the related topics below to learn more

You may need to sign into a MSN account or create a new one to use this tool. Once signed in, the DELUXE SCREENER will be enabled after the free toolbox is downloaded (ALL OF THIS IS FREE!)


Oversold Screen for Moneycentral – Download