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The Archives section contains a collection of historical blog posts, discussions, economic trends and other historical writings from The Disciplined Investor. The information found here may be out of date and no longer relevant to the current environment.

Apple: Here is what comes next for the stock

Unless there is something more the Apple is holding back on (which is very possible) this may be a classic example of buy the rumor, sell the news. The investment play is a gob of options in the form of puts. Yes puts!

Apple Options idea after iPhone Launch

If Apple shares move down $8 on Monday, this investment should begin to be profitable. The $110 an $105 will be the better performers as they become much more valuable since traders will look to buy the cheaper, near out of the money puts.

To Russia with My Love

Each summer, Jill (my wonderful wife) and I send the kids off to camp and the house becomes relatively quiet except for the echoes of keyboards clicking and questions concerning dining choices. We have a wonderful time getting to know each other again as we have time to be with each other without the many interruptions from homework questions and the usual parental-taxi-service requirements. Somewhere between the camp send-off...

Mutual Funds for Uncertain Times

Here are a few that may be a good fit for a postfolio allocation that is focussed on diversifiction and is looking to limit downside risk...

Best Buy Apple

Store employees in Florida Best Buy locations are getting ready for a a new and expanded product line. Several employees (in separate conversations) have confirmed that over 200 stores will be see specific remodeling to include Apple mini stores within the Best Buy stores at key US locations. Best Buy has begun training for the floor salespeople on the Apple product line, which is anticipated to be seen

BlackStone IPO may Be Delayed by Taxman

axman and Rangel are at it again....According to a news release on Reuters; "New York Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel, chairman of the powerful tax-writing panel, said, "We believe it is imperative that Ways and Means ... conduct a hearing on the important issues surrounding private equity, carried interest and publicly traded partnerships."

Intelligent Business with COGN

Cognos (COGN) is in a place of interest. They look to find information through mining data on all aspects of a company’s business. Their products provides coverage for production and business reporting, dashboarding, query, analysis, metrics management and interactive scorecarding, event management and data management on a services-oriented architecture. The real benefit to companies is they can easily find out information about various departments at the flick of a...

Quant Investing Primer

Contrarian plays have long been attractive strategies for those investors who do not have the stomachs for high-ratio stocks. By its very nature, this type of strategy will search for those stocks that have fallen from grace within the eyes of the markets. It will also find ones that have never caught fire while growing at rates appropriate to its underlying fundamentals.

Letter to Crox Shareholders from the PCEO

I was so happy for all of the directors and shareholders as I have seen so many making millions as the share price of Crocs moved up. Actually, as a group we, the insiders were able to sell $258,892,051 of shares over the last 12 months. On behalf of the following friends I would like to say a big, big thanks you to all of you who have propelled the stock price higher during the past 30 days