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TDIMG StrategyAggressive, Hedged and Active is how this strategy is best described.

A core component of equities, based on our quantitative research is combined with a trading strategy based on technical and fundamental criteria.
eNVESTOLOGYPortfolio construction for those that would like more of a “hands on” experience. Advisor-crafted and technology enhanced investing that is based on core principals of diversification.
Key features are the ability to enter with a reduced investment, online access, automatic rebalancing and continual advisor oversight.
Global AllocationsDeveloped specifically for clients that are looking for a more traditional style of portfolio management.

This is our “full service” program that assists beyond simple portfolio management.
TDI AIRO StrategyThe AIRO Strategy provides an algorithmic approach to investing. Looking for overbought and oversold indications – as well as trend, signals are generated for long, short or neutral portfolio positioning.

Find out about the unique technical indicators and how this can help further diversify a portfolio.
TriggerChartsDesigned exclusively for TradeStation, these indicators harness the power of years of research into technical analysis.

Traders will find the color-coded signals that are generated enhance their real-time trading decisions.