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Trade Deficit – Let’s Sell Weapons and Secret Technologies!

The trade balance figures are out and it once again showing how pathetic we are as a country selling our wares. For some reason, President Obama believes that it is possible to   double our exports within five years. An admirable goal, but is it possible?

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A Great Bond Deal You Will NEVER Get – Guess the Issuer!

So this crosses my desk the other day. It is going to benefit someone…. But who? It appears that the one who will benefit will be the seller as there is a step rate and it is callable anytime after issue.

More importantly, notice that the teaser is for the 7%...

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Free Trade Deals Shot Down – Every Man/Woman for Themselves!

Is this protectionism??

Perhaps, but maybe this is something that we should all be taking a bit more seriously. I am still very unclear how trade with Pakistan and Afghanistan help to improve employment. We already have thousands of employees in the region (aka soldiers) and that can be considered enough...

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CNBC iPhone App – Once Again Squawking The Good Over Bad

Continuing with the theme that CNBC is the “silver lining” station of the financial media world. Earlier today, CNBC’s iPhone App provided me this pushed data, for which we thought was a good release… at least at first:

Then, we took a look at other sources and...

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Geithner – Thrown Under the Bus (But Goldman Job Awaits)

Someone is going to have to take the heat from the Massachusetts Senate debacle. There is not other way. Washington has always needed to point the finger of blame in one direction or the other in order to save their own hides. Who will be next to find an index...

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Japan Says NO to American Cars in Subsidy Program

Here is one more piece of   evidence that we are seeing countries break from their promise as they pursue domestic economic agendas. Of course it is okay for a country to help out their own, but this is a blatant foul. Someone should call a penalty on Japan for...

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Elizabeth Warren Throws TARP Under the Bus

Elizabeth Warren did a hatchet job on the banks today and threw TARP under the bus… First there was the CNBC interview. If that was not tough enough, look further down at the transcript from CNN today.

I want banks in the business they are supposed to be, lending. Not,...

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Shhhh, Dubai Has Another Little $20 Billion Problem

When we first learned about Dubai’s debt woes a couple of weeks ago, it was estimated that $46 billion plus was in danger of default. The world markets sold off hard as there was concern that this level of sovereign default could not be absorbed by the system. Soon after,...

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China is Pissed….U.S. Banks to Blame

Well, it is getting tough out there. With the admission that auction rate securities were the fault of the brokerage and monies paid to plaintiffs, others are going to join in on the hunt.

China is already aggravated by our protectionism strategies and by the   suggestion that they are involved...

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Fed Minutes: Appease the Chinese (aka Kissing A**)

Today the Federal Reserve released its minutes that sent some mixed messages about the economy and the U.S. dollar. As we are all aware, the “official” policy is for a strong-dollar as per Treasury Secratary Geithner. Of course we also hear how important it is to keep America’s exports competitive...

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Mr G. Goes to the Hill: Ron Paul is Victorious!

A brutal day on the hill for Mr. G.

According to reports: Political frustration over the rescue of Wall Street and high unemployment erupted in Congress Thursday, with one committee threatening to impose tighter scrutiny on the Federal Reserve and another excoriating Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

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