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Economic Reports that Will Move Markets

Most will be looking at the end of the week as they anticipate a big announcement from Mr. Bernanke during his time at Jackson Hole. This annual meet up has been the time when central bankers have made some important announcements and now there is an expectation that this is...

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And the Award To Most Pathetic Comments by a Fed Governer….

I am just so agitated by the lack of any sensibility by some of the Fed speakers. It is one thing to discuss the potential for stimulus, but another to seek an open-ended bond buying program (QE) that has not shown to have be able to bring down the unemployment...

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Just How Much Is Europe Debt Costs Squeezing Countries….?

Here are some interesting data-points from EuroStat that clearly illustrates just how much the payments have risen over the past several quarters. It is not news to anyone that the region is being crushed by heavy debt loads and little ability to come up with the revenues as they slip...

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Really Dreary Economics From China – Chart Series

Last night, China just released reports on retail sales as well as imports and exports. The trade numbers missed by a wide margin. Retail sales are generally holding up but missed estimates. Looking at the full series,   there is a serious and widespread slowdown that is more than apparent.


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Greek Election Too Close to Call? – DXY Dropping, Euro Popping

The elections in Greece are still too close to call, but there some news headlines have suggested that the pro-bailout party has a slight edge. Even before the opening of the equity futures markets, currencies are moving around quickly.

Bloomberg provides a fixing for the US Dollar and the Euro (among...

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The Global Economic Read (Welllllll, we have trouble my friends…..)

China’s Flash PMI was once again in the contraction zone. For what it is worth, there will probably be more of the same to come as Europe continues its economic decent.

Already China is looking to access private investment for their banking system, ultimately looking to lay off bad debt on...

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This Week: The Economic Reports That Will Move Markets

It may be possible that this week there will be a focus on something other than Europe. Possible, but not probable. While economic reports have been generally surprising to the upside, news out of Europe continue to lead the tape.

Assume that all is under control and there won’t be a...

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Economic Reports You Should Know About

Last week there were few economic reports in focus. That was fine as far as market participants (bulls) were concerned. But this week is an entirely different story.

As most are looking to the FED to continue with their easy money policy, the PPI and CPI numbers will be a confirmation...

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China Economics – 30% of Shipyards Showing NO Orders

Good news and bad news. Now that China may be nearing the end of their tightening spree, news of manufacturing hitting a slump may actually be beneficial for the equity markets. Whether or not there is a new stimulus plan that will eventually be announced is hard to predict, but...

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