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TDI Podcast 78: Barry’s Big Picture

Guest: Barry Ritholtz, CEO of FusionIQ and founder of the popular blog, The Big Picture. We discuss Cramer's Monday sell-everything call along with market sentiment and the reasons it may be a good time to start thinking about the long side. Barry has held a bearish sentiment for some time and it looks as though he may be slowly coming out of his hibernation.

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Lynching Merrill – Suicide or Murder ?

It is really bad isn’t it? Even as we are being told that all is okay on Wall Street, the banks and brokers are so full of disease it can easily be compared to necrotizing fasciitis. You know, that awful flesh eating disease.

The latest shenanigans by Merrill Lynch (MER)...

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Bill Gates and AN – The Most Charitable Man Alive

It is official! Bill Gates has to be the most charitable man alive. Now, he is providing a chunk of his assets to help out ailing Autonation (AN). Sure he takes a nice piece of the company and if you look at the history of this once darling/roll-up king, you...

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Revolving Credit Moderating is NOT Good News

The reports last week showed that in April there has been a precipitous slowing of revolving credit. It would have been better if we saw it slow at a more reasonable rate rather than what actually occurred. While that may seem to be a strange statement, the quick turnaround only...

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TDI Episode 55: I Love those Warm Nuts!

Guest: Felix Salmon, Condè Nast Portfolio.com. Microsoft and Yahoo!, airlines and media stocks and a dose of the world economy. Felix brings a fresh perspective on the markets and world economy. Andrew asks Felix if bloggers are here to stay or simply a pest that will fade into the nothingness. Find out which is Andrew's favorite airline to cross the pond. Who has the best warm nuts?

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