Date Published Title Guest Podcast Topics Stocks Audio
Jun 26, 2022 TDI Podcast: Policy Mistake @100% (#772)

Fed Policy Mistake, Inflation, Commodity Prices, USD, Recession Chances, Bond Prices (FDX), (LEN), (KBH, (CROX), (CCL), (NCL), (RCL) play
Sep 28, 2019 TDI Podcast – Stylizing Your Portfolio (#630)

(ROKU), (NFLX), (FDX), (MU) play
Sep 21, 2019 TDI Podcast: Repo Market Chaos = POMO (#629)

(EXPR), (CHS), (FRAN), (AMZN), (GPS), (FDX) play
Mar 17, 2019 TDI Podcast: Positively Perplexed (#604)

Economic and Market Dislocation, Facebook, Listener Questions, Investment Strategies (SPY), (FB), (TSLA), (FDX), (MU) play
Jun 26, 2017 TDI Podcast: A Cryptocurrency Flash Crash (#515)

Biotechs, Cyber Currencies, Economics, HealthCare (AMZN), (FDX), (WFM), (UNFI), (KR), (TGT), (CARA), (XBI), (ETH) play
Mar 13, 2016 TDI Podcast – Is More Negative More Positive? (#454)

Negative Rates, Social Media, Economy (TIF), (FDX), (AEO), (MRO), (LINE) play
Dec 20, 2015 TDI Podcast: McClellan on Sharp Bottoms and Rounded Tops (#443)

Tom McClellan

Market Rotation, End of Year, Advanced-decline line, market breadth (AAPL), (GPRO), (OIL), (FDX), (NKE) play
Nov 22, 2015 TDI Podcast: Investment Worthy Trends (#439)

Investment trends, economics, markets, technical analysis, fundamental analysts (DAL), (AAL), (GRUB), (GRMN), (NFLX), (LMT), (CCL), (AAL), (PCLN), (EXPE), (AMZN), (MBLY), (GOOGL), (FDX), (UPS), (V), (MA) play