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Jun 26, 2023 TDI Podcast: Seasonality with Curzio (#822)

Frank Curzio

AI, Fed Rates, Inflation, Crypto (AAPL), (SPY), (BTCUSD), (GLD), (AI), (GNRC), (AMZN), (NCLH), (CCL) play
Jun 26, 2022 TDI Podcast: Policy Mistake @100% (#772)

Fed Policy Mistake, Inflation, Commodity Prices, USD, Recession Chances, Bond Prices (FDX), (LEN), (KBH, (CROX), (CCL), (NCL), (RCL) play
Jun 19, 2022 TDI Podcast: Second Level Thinking (#771)

Second Level Thinking, Oil, Fed, Inflation, Rate Hikes, Recession (CCL), (RCL), (NCHL), (DAL) play
Jul 18, 2020 TDI Podcast: The Best Bear Market (#671)

Quarterly Commentary, Vaccine Potential, Markets, Economics, Bear Markets, Recessions (AAPL), (GOOG), (MRNA), (AZN), (IWB), (IWF), (IWD), (NCLH), (CCL), (AAL) play
Apr 19, 2020 TDI Podcast: Disciplined Selling Decisions (#658)

Noland Langford

Fundamental Analysis, Sell Disciplines, Coronavirus Treatments, New Normal, Bank Earnings, Economics (AAL), (DAL, (PLNT), (NCLH), (CCL), (XOM), (HLT), (PTON) play
Feb 29, 2020 TDI Podcast: Market Pros Weigh In (#651)

Sarah Potter

Tom McClellan

Covid-19, CoronaVirus, China Contraction, KRI Indicator, McClellan Oscillator, Trading, Hedging (ZM), (CCL), (RCL), (JETS), (MMM), (GRUB) play
Nov 22, 2015 TDI Podcast: Investment Worthy Trends (#439)

Investment trends, economics, markets, technical analysis, fundamental analysts (DAL), (AAL), (GRUB), (GRMN), (NFLX), (LMT), (CCL), (AAL), (PCLN), (EXPE), (AMZN), (MBLY), (GOOGL), (FDX), (UPS), (V), (MA) play
Mar 29, 2015 TDI Podcast: The Asymmetry of Idiots (#406)

Asymmetry of Oil, Earnings, Markets (GPRO), (LL), (SPY), (EWZ), (CCL) play