Benzinga FinTech Awards – Notes from the Conference (5)

Kasasa – Gabe Krajicek

  • This company provides Loan Payoff Scheduling and how it impacts the loan payoff timeline.  The program calculates this for one-time payments or increasing your payments to your loan.  This is nothing new, however…
  • This type of program allows you to remove some of your additional payoffs as a loan at the original interest rate that you started with.
  • Payoff your debt principal ahead of time with the option to get that money back on its normal loan schedule.
  • This encourages those in debt to pay down there loans without the worry of an emergency happening and not having savings to cover that emergency or cash flow need.  You will always be able to tap into your additional pay down amount and receive the same interest rate as the original loan.

Riskalyze – Kyle van Pelt

  • Empower the world to invest fearlessly.
  • Taking a quantitative approach to risk tolerance.
  • Riskalyze then develops a portfolio that suits their particular risk tolerance.
  • Riskalyze also scores portfolios.
  • Also has the ability stress test the portfolio based on interest rate movements or other issues.

New Frontier Data – Gary Alan and Giadha Aguirre De Carcer: Listen to the Interview with Giadha HERE

  • Data across various dimensions to understand the cannabis market.
  • Helping companies Enter, Navigate and Succeed within the Cannabis industry
  • This company is like your own personal cannabis consultant.
  • They also offer a program called Equio:  Cannabis Dashboard
    • Shows all the various data and content related to the cannabis industry.

Foursquare Enterprise on their Pilgrim Product – Jeff Glueck

  • Pilgrim is a program that is tracking your cell phone data as to where you are, how long you spend there and your individual trends to provide app makers with the ability to send offers or reminders to your cell phone to get you into brick and mortar stores.
  • Basically using analytic power to send offers to you based on where you are and your specific interests.
  • They are basically marketing to people over their phone.  In a “polite way”. Advertising everywhere…
  • Everything is consumer opt-in.
  • They are also working with Hedge Funds to see how much traffic certain stores are seeing.

eToro – Yoni Assia

  • An online brokerage firm that allows individual investors to see and invest the same way as other investors.
  • Social Trading. Not currently available in the U.S., but they will be launching here in late 2018.
  • Copying portfolios from other managers / traders.
  • Everything is being block traded and therefore everyone should get the same price as others as soon as the person who is being followed places a trade.
  • The investors / managers getting followed get a percent of the total assets under management.
  • This brokerage firm also allows you to trade crypto-currencies.