Benzinga FinTech Awards – Notes from the Conference (1)

TD Ameritrade on The Future of Finance and Social Media:

In a conversation with TD Ameritrade’s Sunayna Tuteja and Facebook’s Kahina Van Dyke, the following points were highlighted regarding the Future of Finance and Social Media.

  • Highlighting the uses of Facebook in Business.
  • Messenger is the main driver to communicate with businesses on Facebook.
  • TD is trying to democratize financial planning and investment management.
  • Messenger is the next channel to Financial Services businesses to communicate with clients and prospects
  • The question remains, why is messenger better than email, text, phone, or other ways of communications.
    • Sounds like maybe talking about automated answering services / messaging service based on inputs from the business.
    • It may be companies are moving away from automated phone systems, now we are moving to automated messaging utilizing Artificial Intelligence based on the company’s responses.
    • People are spending more time on social media and are wanting more direct attention using social media outlets.
  • This is a Bespoke experience built for your business with Facebook assisting in that process.
  • American Express and TD were first customers for
    • Service and Messaging
    • Swipe your card, you get a text message or alert on your phone.
    • Finding what each business wants for their customers and providing that ability.
  • There is a large push to use Facebook Messenger for business use.
  • What is coming next for Messenger:
    • Augmented Reality for unique experiences
  • Facebook saying that inherently people have 95% the same character and qualities, but there still remains 5% that makes us all slightly different in nature.

Trading View – Stan Bokov:  Listen to the Podcast Interview HERE

  • This is a social trading platform for the retail investor.
  • Essentially, Trading View is trying to create a Bloomberg type terminal for the retail trader.
  • News, Trading and social all wrapped into one platform.
  • An idea that you never have to trade alone again.

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