The Disciplined Investor Podcast – Episode 5

Episode 5 – The Future of Radio with guest Brian Freeman. What will happen to XM and SIRI? Are we looking towards internet radio in our cars?

How podcasts and other on-demand are shaping things to come. Guest Brian Freeman, an industry expert for over 30 years will help us make sense out of this and gives us a look back and look ahead for the radio industry. We talk about (SIRI) , (XMSR) as well as some of the industry conglomarates such as Viacom and Clear Channel. With so much riding on the SIRI and XMSR merger, this is one your should not miss.

In this episode Brian Freeman, the Founder & CEO of Element One Networks, is interviewed on the present and future of satellite radio. Find out what is going on in the industry. As you probably know, Sirius and XMSR are merging to form one awesome satellite radio company. They may just be the hot stocks of the moment!