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Indicators We Are Watching – Bullish Signals for Metals? (GLD) (SLV)

Over the past few weeks, the U.S. Dollar has been strengthening. This is in direct response to the EuroZone’s problem with the PIIGS and a flight to safety. In reaction, metals have been drifting lower as have been most commodities.

Yet last week we finally saw the correlation break (dollar up,...

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Strategy Lab: Up 13% since August 1st…

From my recent journal entry for MSN Strategy Lab (November 21, 2008)

In my office, my lead trader Kevin Hoffmann and I have been watching with horror the events of the past few days. Last week we saw the writing on the wall and correctly decided to pull all of our...

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MarketMash: Long week is over, short week to profit

Last week saw a good deal of action in the markets. The bad news is that even as we were excited to enter the long weekend and the Hamptons are starting to see more life and less clothes (so I am told). The bad news is starting to sink-in and...

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MarketMash – TDI Podcast Tops iTunes, Andrew on TWiT

A few things you may want to check out…

I was a guest panelist on This Week in Tech (TWIT). One of my all-time favorite shows that features hosts: Leo Laporte, Jason Calacanis, Molly Wood, Wil Harris, and ME! Lots of action talking about Microsoft withdrawing the Yahoo! bid, Grand Theft...

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MarketMash: Bloggin’ for Money

Our friend Brian Shannon over at ALPHATRENDS is having a bit of trouble with Big Brother. It seems that Google has shut down his website as one of their robots deemed it to be a spam site. I recall something like this happening in a movie once…Remember?

It was some time...

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Andrew on AOL Finance: A BlogFest

I wrote a ton of research and analysis this week. All trying to find a good story to begin the process of movingthe huge cash position we have created for client accounts to something worthwhile. No need for me to tell you about the markets or the economic...

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MarketMash – Gotta Love the Pig with Lipstick!

In a turn around, or at least a slight change of direction, Jim Cramer recommends a sell of Capital One Financial (COF) a day after he says it has not been too bad of a stock. Errrrr, I think that is what he is saying at least.

April 7: Short COF?...

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MarketMash: April Fool’s Week

A week full of fun and adventure in the stock market. Fun stories, rants and other observations that you may find of interest.

David Gaffen over at the WSJ was somewhat blah about Fitch cutting the rating on MBIA (MBI). DAVE: It could be worse, they could have raised them to...

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MarketMASH – March 29, 2008

Brett Steenbarger of Traderfeed comments on one of the biggest problems for traders: Denial. “One particularly uncomfortable truth for traders is that their lack of profits is simply due to trading randomness. It’s not a lack of discipline, a lack of trade planning, or a lack of tweaking the right...

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MarketMash: March 14, 2008

Brian Shannon of AlphaTrends did a great job wrapping the day up with a superb view of the the markets. You gotta love Brian’s way of explaining technical analysis. His videos get an A+.

The Big Picture did a blogging marathon throughout the day Friday as the Bear story unfolded. Like...

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