MarketMash: March 14, 2008

Brian Shannon of AlphaTrends did a great job wrapping the day up with a superb view of the the markets. You gotta love Brian’s way of explaining technical analysis. His videos get an A+.

The Big Picture did a blogging marathon throughout the day Friday as the Bear story unfolded. Like a virtual chat room, filled with minute by minute info, Barry captured the hysteria of the day with 45+entires from 9:38 am to 2:15 pm. He must have passed out at 2:30 pm when the timely news was released that S&P cut Bear’s rating. Well done S&P, thanks for the update!

A great commentary was presented by Bill Cara. One of the best lines I have seen that shows a simple solution for investors: “The only control the people have is to pull their capital out of this phony market (directly and through their pension plans) and let the liquidity crisis take the whole system down.”

In an odd way, Timothy Sykes makes a good point about how hype can drive stock prices. How does his Facebook chat with Spitzer’s girl Ashley Alexandra Dupre and market manipulation teach about investing? Let him explain, way too much for me to contemplate.Analyst

Gal Arav, creator of has another winner. Newsflashr is an amazingly fast news gathering system. This is a great tool to keep you on top of the hottest news bubbling to the surface. Check it out you will be hooked.

Good news! The greed is tempered by gifts to charity at Blackstone. Thank goodness for that. I would do the same. How would I spend $350,000,000 anyway? The team at is reading the fine print for us Type-A’s. Thanks guys/gals!

Old chum Howard Lindzon visits Florida, forgets to call and then pisses all over my home state. Nice to read such an interesting summary of your vacation. THANKS! I think you should check out Kabul next time…the forecast is for plenty of sun. I am sure the Kabul Tourist Bureau will provide a welcome that you find more to your liking. :-)

Brett over at TraderFeed has a good idea. KEEP A TRADING JOURNAL.

Herb Greenberg conjurs up a Langone conspiracy against Spitzer. Possible?

CNBC – Conflict Never Bothers Charlie. What a week it was for Charlie Gasparino. He was fighting with everyone it seems.

Timing is everything: on March 13, Felix Salmon wonders why Bear Stearns has a book value below its peers. HUH? Seriously? Felix, did you really ask that?

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