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The Strategy Lab #18 is Now Open…Andrew has 100k to Spend

The MSN Money Strategy Lab 18 is open for business and I am one of the participants that will be managing a portfolio. Here is the explanation from the MSN Money team:
For about a decade now, we’ve selected top investing pros with different strategies for a friendly sort of...

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TDI Episode 50: The Analysts are Wrong (DUH!)

Guests: Adam Warner, Professor Woolridge and Gal Arav. In this episode, we explore three topics of interest. First we get the lowdown on options with Adam Warner. Then we find out from Professor Woolridge that stock analysts usually predict earnings to be higher than they actually are. Finally, Gar Arav introduces his newest technology wonder, Newsflashr.

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A Picture Tells a Thousand Points

The quick and the dirty of it: The markets (DJIA, S&P500, NASDAQ) are setting up for an ugly fall and investors are sensing it. The growing indigestion is pointing straight toward the support line of 11,635 for the DJIA. This particular point is a problem as there is no support...

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TDI Episode 47: Knight to the Rescue

Guest: Tim Knight is founder of Prophet.Net, a wholly-owned online software company that was acquired by INVESTools in January 2005; he presently serves as Senior Vice President of Technology for INVESTools. His recently-published book, Chart Your Way to Profits, offers a solid introduction to both technical analysis and the ProphetCharts product. We answer your questions.

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Economic Downturn: Profiting with the 5 Pillars

Just listening to investors or analysts talk these days and it is hard to miss the ongoing chatter about an apparent and impending recession. Some analysts say we are already in one, others point to its arrival in the near future. Regardless of what the experts have predicted, no...

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Preferred Stocks for A Volatile Market

Several readers and podcast listeners have recently emailed in questions concerning preferred stocks. It seems that these inquiries were prompted because of the levels of low-yielding cash positions they are amassing within their portfolios. So, here are a few pointers.

Preferred stocks have long been thought of as a safe haven...

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Profitable Resolutions for the New Year

It seems that the commitment made to resolutions each New Year is such a common pastime that the United States government actually has a web page dedicated to the “Top New Year‘s Resolutions.” According to the “government-made-easy” site (www.usa.gov), there are a dozen or so popular resolutions that we seem...

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SAPI Slugs 2008 – Quant Screen Results

S&P Index Slugs (SAPI Slugs) Adapted from Pages 44-45 of The Disciplined Investor – Essential Strategies for Success

According to MSN Money, this simple but effective value search presents a pure yield play. It is similar but potentially superior to the better-known “Dogs of the Dow” search we reviewed on...

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Frolicking at Hell’s Gate – Mortgage Mayhem

The only thing worse than running out of Turkey on Thanksgiving is talk about cutting dividends on stocks. This is nothing to take lightly. It ranks up there with yelling fire in a theatre and is almost as bad as telling investors that they cannot withdraw money from their accounts....

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52,000,000,000 – That’s a lot of Chickens!

There are how many people in China? Current estimate put that somewhat incomprehensible total at 1,321,851,888. What has always haunted me is the thought of pork and fowl. Here my dilemma: With that many people, you would assuredly agree that they are eating daily. (for the most part). It is...

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Screen: Dogs of the Dow – 2008 Preview

Each year, the Dogs-of-the-Dow are recalculated in January to find the 10 DJIA members with the highest dividend yield. This year there have been few changes to the names that look to be included in this strategy for 2008. Some of the reason is because of the problems that occurred...

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The Sharks are feeding on Crocs

What am I missing? Wasn’t it was only a few months ago that Crocs was the golden child and was going to be the next Shoe-Google. Back then, I was the “stupid one” who had no idea what he was talking about, as once again I was told over...

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