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Why Do We Protect The Rapists?

It is like a bad dream that keeps on returning for a daily encore. Recently, GMAC won approval to become a bank holding company allowing them to borrow more and prolonging their existence. Of course without this, it was going to be game over in quick measure as their ability...

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Why I am short MasterCard

My latest MSN Strategy Lab Journal Update: Lately there has been a generally accepted theory that credit card issuers with exposure to loan losses will have great difficulty in this slowing economy, while card companies that simply earn money from transactions will thrive.

That’s incorrect.

The latter group contains two well-known companies,...

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WSJ on Credit Card Lenders – Looming Danger

It seems that the pot is finally starting to simmer and there is an awakening to the problem that seems so obvious. The WSJ did a good job at looking at both sides of the argument by seems to lean towards the reality of an economy that is standing up...

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Capital One (COF) – Rising Charge-offs in April

Donna Kardos explained the recent monthly report released by Capital One (COF) that provides detail on the position of their outstanding credit and corresponding delinquencies. The original 8k can be found here.

The bottom line is that Capital One is in no way containing their problems. Write-offs approaching half a...

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American Express (AXP): False Sense of Security?

It is no secret that I am no big fan of the bank and financial sector, particularly the consumer credit divisions. The numbers out from American Express Company (NYSE:AXP), show that during Q1 they saw a 6% decrease related to credit card losses and reported a significant increase in total...

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Capital One – More Bull#*! Analysis

Thursday April 10, an article posted by Morningstar’s Ganesh Rathnam discussed some wonderful ways to profit from selling PUT options against the shares of Capital One (COF) as the author believes that the market has it wrong. Remember, the analyst is suggesting a bullish strategy.

Here are the highlights of the...

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Double Whammy: Bank-Card Companies are Next

Aside from Visa (V) or Mastercard (MA), it doesn’t seem as if the credit card issuers have been getting the attention they deserve. With all of the panic and concern surrounding the brokers and builders, perhaps plates are too full to take on any more. Yet, I have been...

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