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Silver (SLV): Short Entry Setup Explained

Yes, going at shorting Silver (SLV) again. We have stayed away as there has been an erratic behavior over the last month or so. But, this metal has been quite interesting as there have been several times that seemingly out of nowhere   it drops and then recovers...

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Silver (SLV) – Candle Patterns And Another 45% Drop Prediction

For the past month or so, there has been a decidedly bearish trend for silver. Not only did the CME jump-start the process when they raised the margin and initial balance requirements last month, but even with the recent weakness in the U.S. dollar, silver isn‘t being bought with any...

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Silver (SLV): Time to Enter Short Again is Approaching

If you have been following our commentary on Silver, you know that we believe it has been trading in a very solid technical manner. Support points have been both Fibonacci retracement levels as well as the 50 and 100 day moving averages.

More importantly, the recent moves to curtail speculation by...

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Essential Support Levels for Silver (SLV) – Chart

Silver (SLV) has been on a wild ride. The commodity has seen daily ranges of 5%-7% since the CME began its recent margin and maintenance adjustments. Since the high, silver is down more than 30% or so…and that is just in 2-weeks time.

We have been utilizing leveraged ETFs for client...

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Will Margin Requirement Tactics For Crude (USO) Follow Silver (SLV)?

Over the past few weeks, the CME has hiked the margin requirements on silver and other metals. But silver was obviously in the cross-hairs of those that were worried that speculation was reaching fever pitch and worried about any pricing draw downs as margin limits were bulging already. Any drop...

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