Quick Key Reversal Indicator (KRI) Update

We have been watching for indications that markets are moving toward an overheating status. As we have discussed previously, when either there is too much optimism or pessimism, there is often an over-reaction and then a corrective period or quick reversion if you will.

To get a better read on this,...

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You Asked, Here it is: The Spearman Indicator

The Spearman indicator is a useful tool. In fact, we use some of the calculation/data points for our Key Reversal Indicator.

A chart that we have posted   here before has been updated as we received several requests from readers.

Note that the recent reading was one of the highest seen in...

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Key Reversal Indicator (KRI) – Flashing A Warning

We have seen a good amount of market conditions that exhibit similar trends as we have seen over the past few days. Once the Key Reversal Indicator moves above these levels, it is often a time for a quick reversal. While the reversal does not mean a crash, it does...

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Corn: Important Considerations We Are Watching

We are watching corn pricing closely as it has a direct effect on the profitability of many companies. It also will be important when considering the cost of gasoline at the pumps.

In particular, we are interested as we are long a few of the poultry distributors as mentioned HERE and...

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Back to Spearman and The Bloomberg Trend/Stall Indicator (Heads Up!)

The Spearman Indicator is like the “boy crying wolf” lately. But let’s not get too comfortable/complacent.

We need to put into the proper perspective the level and the direction to see what we can determine from the signal. As we have discussed previously, the rolling-up or -over of the indicator, above/below...

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TVIX Update and a Trading Idea

So, we saw that there was a very sharp downturn(50%+) over the past few days as UBS is allowing for share creation (See more detail HERE)

The indicative NAV was way below and as of the close yesterday, there needed to be another 30% drop in order to get the price...

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TDI Podcast: New Year’s Resolutions and Market Gameplan (#243)

How can anyone deal with this mess? The daily frustration is mounting and we take some time to reflect and to look ahead. In this brief, pre-holiday show, Andrew has a discussion about the markets and what should be some “resolutions” for the New Year.

Who was you favorite TDI Podcast...

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