TDI Podcast: A Decade of TDI Podcasts (#500)

It has been a wonderful time to be a podcaster. Starting back in 2007, it was the very early days for this platform. We had only the beginnings of an idea of how to share and learn. Since our humble beginnings, the show has grown into one of the top investing podcasts. Over the years we have sought out some of the smartest people in the investment world to help us navigate both good and bad times in markets.

This episode is dedicated to some of the memorable conversations with guests from the past. However, it is just a small taste of the amazing talent that has been on the show over the past decade.

Take a look at the long list of great episodes and search for your favorite guests HERE.

Guests and episodes featured in this show:

EpisodeDateGuestLink To Full Episode
TDI Episode 212May 2011Andrew Ross Sorkin CLICK HERE
TDI Episode 52April 2008Robert Reich  CLICK HERE
TDI Episode 35November 2007Andrew Horowitz (Rant)  CLICK HERE
TDI Episode 64July 2008John Perkins  CLICK HERE
TDI Episode 136November 2009Tyler Durden  CLICK HERE
TDI Episode 214May 2011Jack Schwaeger  CLICK HERE
TDI Episode 283October 2012Marc Faber  CLICK HERE
TDI Episode 331September 2013Ambrose Evans-Pritchard  CLICK HERE

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