TPR Earnings Preview: (CRM) – Sneak Peek

General Commentary and what to watch for: (CRM) is expected to report earnings on 2/23/2012 after the close. The consensus of the 42 analysts is currently at a strong buy rating. On average, over the past 4 weeks and 3 months, analysts have been increasing their outlook on the security prior to earnings. For this quarter’s earnings report, analysts will be looking for EPS of $0.40 and revenue of $624.09 million. Company guidance will also be a key issue as analysts are expecting next quarter’s EPS and revenue of $0.36 per share and $663.50 million respectively.

For this particular earnings report, we will be looking to play the outsides. CRM tends to have quite a bit volatility after earnings and there will be plenty of liquidity. It will be much easier to take a position to the short side if we were to see a disappointment on either EPS or revenue as CRM rarely disappoints. If there were to be a disappointment, we would look to try to sell instantaneously and on any bounce higher. On a move lower, we anticipate encountering support at $115 – 118 and then again at $110 – 111. If we break these levels look for $105 to be a last-ditch level.

If they were to beat on EPS and Revs we would look to offer $140s for a quick whip trade up. We see post session release upside of 7-10%. If we were to get filled on this, we would be looking to stop out or cover at 146.15 with reward down to $130. If you are willing to hold the short, look for a break below $128 for confirmation of further downside.

Make sure to look for guidance as additional support for either side of the trade.

Below is a sample of the TriggerPoint Research Earnings Report. These reports will be available at the site on March 1, 2012.

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