Month: June 2011

Links and Reading for June 26th

Some of the more interesting and important items for June 26th :

Illinois Stiffs Vendors From Mortuary to IBM as $4 Billion Debt Piles Up – Bloomberg – International Business Machines Inc. is owed $1.1 million. Office Depot Inc. (ODP) is waiting for a $660,955 check. And the 17th Street Bar...

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The Daily Grind: Why TODAY is Weak…..

Each day, we write some of the key points of interest that we believe our clients need to know. This is done in an effort to provide transparency and insight into why we may be long, short or in cash with portfolios. The idea is that direct communication and access...

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What We DEFINITELY Know – The FED and The Eurozone

The vote has been tallied and we now know.NOTHING! That is right, the only thing we know is that the Greek Parliament has provided a vote of confidence for George Papandreou. Now the austerity plans have to be implemented in order to receive the final tranche of...

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Housing Report: This is Our Future?

I could swear that someone said that there was a recovery somewhere. Obviously it was other than the housing sector.The better than expected existing home sales on a MoM basis helped to lift markets. Short covering has been the primary driver as the world sits and waits for Greece to...

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