Month: September 2008

Links and Reading for September 28th

A few of the more important reading items and links for September 28th :

Hedge funds suffer as short selling ban disrupts strategies – The short selling ban has boosted shares of many financial companies, but it's roiling the $2 trillion hedge fund industry.
U.K. Set to Nationalize B&B – After...

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New York is doomed, then it gets worse

First, watch video, then read commentary. Interesting developments….

Below is the text from a recent MSNBC article that corroborates my thesis. Note that the video is from early August, 2007. The media is way behind, as usual.
ALBANY, N.Y. – The crisis in the financial system will almost surely...

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TDI Podcast 76: Bush Betting on a Bailout Bonanza

Guests: President George W. Bush and Bill Fleckenstein both have discussions about the bailout. Come listen in to a mashup of Andrew and President George W. Bush and then Andrew has a terrific conversation with   Bill Fleckenstein exploring his brilliant commentary on the markets and his thoughts...

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Morgan Stanley’s “Private” Email to RIAs

Isn’t it terrible that even before I read this I was looking for where the lies and the manipulative discussions were hidden? I am on high alert as I feel lied to and cheated and surely I am not alone.

Below is a note that appeared in my email this morning...

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Let them fail, then we will eat the carcass

This just in… If you read this carefully, it is a clear and open invitation to take down banks and then scoop up their broken and crushed remains by other banking institutions. WOW! I just thought of this… Goldman Sachs (GS) and Morgan Stanely (MS) are now in the game....

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