TDI Podcast 76: Bush Betting on a Bailout Bonanza

Guests: President George W. Bush and Bill Fleckenstein both have discussions about the bailout. Come listen in to a mashup of Andrew and President George W. Bush and then Andrew has a terrific conversation with   Bill Fleckenstein exploring his brilliant commentary on the markets and his thoughts on the bailout.

Bill FleckensteinBill Fleckenstein is the president of Fleckenstein Capital, which manages a hedge fund based in Seattle and author of Greenspan’s Bubbles : The Age of Ignorance at the Federal Reserve.   He also writes a daily Market Rap column on his site as well as the popular column Contrarian Chronicles for MSN Money.


We have some fun with an audio mash-up as Andrew interviews President George W. Bush and poses some important questions:

  • What is the exact cost of the bailout?
  • When is it going to be signed into law?
  • Who pays for it?
  • How did we get here?
  • Is this really going to help?

Stocks discussed in this episode: Apple (AAPL) , Research in Motion (RIMM), Goldman Sachs (GS), Wachovia (WMB), Washington Mutual (WB), Microsoft (MSFT), Mosaic (MOS), Potash (POT) Proshares Ultra Financials (SKF), MasterCard (MA), Visa (V)

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