Month: May 2008

The Week In Preview – Gifts for Dad

Here is the recent article that appeared on AOL Finance/Blogging Stocks this week:

Stocks Reviewed: (DBRN) (DELL) (GMTN) (LGF) (MW) (MNRO) (MOV) (RL) (SNDA) (SHLD)

Father’s Day is around the corner. Why not spend some time looking at the coming earnings and how Dad’s Day may have an impact. It is funny...

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The Disciplined Investor Audiobook – Now Available!

FINALLY! After months of waiting, The Disciplined Investor – Essential Strategies for Success is now available for download at and iTunes. This is perfect addition for those that enjoy the podcast, but just can‘t seem to find the time to sit down and read the...

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Money Girl – Mortgage Short Sales

In this edition of Money Girl, I will be discussing a term that unfortunately, many of us will need to know. mortgage short sales.

Here is the excerpt from the episode…

Having trouble making your mortgage payments or know someone who is? Close to foreclosure but hope to avoid it and...

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The Stupidity Bubble: No Inflation, Just High Prices

A few months ago, I had a discussion with John Dvorak (TDI Podcast Episode #41) that focused on the pending economic stimulus plan and how I felt that it was not going to do much. I asserted that, one rudimentary principle in life is that consumers (that means us) will...

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TDI Episode 58: Sign of the Times with Andrew+Andrew

Special Guest: Andrew Ross Sorkin: Editor, NY Times Dealbook. We discuss the interesting and the not so interesting deals that may be happening and those that may not.

Andrew Ross Sorkin is The New York Times‘s chief mergers and acquisitions reporter and a columnist. Mr. Sorkin, a leading voice about Wall...

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