Month: March 2008

Smoke Screen: Lehman Preferred Offering

After hours, shares of Lehman (LEH) took a nosedive, down another 7% to $34.80 before recovering toward $36.60 by the end of trading.

Why? At exactly 4:39pm, Lehman announced a share offering to help them with a much needed capital infusion. Moreover, it is very troubling that on a daily basis,...

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TDI Episode 50: The Analysts are Wrong (DUH!)

Guests: Adam Warner, Professor Woolridge and Gal Arav. In this episode, we explore three topics of interest. First we get the lowdown on options with Adam Warner. Then we find out from Professor Woolridge that stock analysts usually predict earnings to be higher than they actually are. Finally, Gal Arav...

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MarketMASH – March 29, 2008

Brett Steenbarger of Traderfeed comments on one of the biggest problems for traders: Denial. “One particularly uncomfortable truth for traders is that their lack of profits is simply due to trading randomness. It’s not a lack of discipline, a lack of trade planning, or a lack of tweaking the right...

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It Doesn’t End: Lehman Defrauded/Forgery

Lehman (LEH) now seems to have problems of another kind. Just when you thought it was going to get better, we hear of a new kind of ugliness. What next?

If nothing else, it is keeping us on our toes as the “good news” just keeps on pouring in!

13:32 ...

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Learning that we never learn: Citibank

“Education costs money, but then so does ignorance.” – Sir Claus Moser

Phew…Only $1.66 billion. It was only a short time ago that a billions dollar payment would be a big concern. Remember back to the 1998 collapse of Long-Term Capital management when an initial $1.8 billion hedge fund loss announcement...

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