TDI Podcast 12: Shorting for Profits

Interview with Rydex Funds Director of Portfolio Strategies, David Reilly. Listener questions are answered. Andrew’s book is finally going to print! Hedging strategies discussed for the average investor.David Reilly

In 2004, David joined Rydex as director of portfolio strategies. David has been instrumental in the development and the launch of Rydex Essential Portfolio Theory, an investment approach designed to help financial advisors potentially increase portfolio diversification and manage risk. In addition, David‘s team created the Rydex Real Returns Calculator””an online, mutual fund portfolio-modeling tool. On a day-to-day basis, he is charged with developing strategies using Rydex products, positioning the products and acting as a spokesperson for the firm.

Follow the simple advice from Andrew: “How to look at your investments. Remember, stocks do not care how you feel about them! Sell if it is sell and buy if it is a buy.”

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