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Foreign Holders of U.S. Treasury Debt

We have all heard that there is a great deal of U.S. debt owned by China and other Asian countries, but here is the breakdown of over $3 trillion that is on loan to the world. Obviously Ben and the team need to keep a lot of people happy and...

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Why Do We Protect The Rapists?

It is like a bad dream that keeps on returning for a daily encore. Recently, GMAC won approval to become a bank holding company allowing them to borrow more and prolonging their existence. Of course without this, it was going to be game over in quick measure as their ability...

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Video: Shocking Repo Riviera Predictions

While this is clearly a very concerning account of what may   lie ahead, there are a few interesting items that need to be considered.

There is the lack of any counter argument. No matter how accurate and believable it may be, why didn’t CBS have an opposing point...

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Muni Money Markets at 5.25%+

Take a look at these tables ripped right from the pages of Schwab Institutional. Amazing ? Mistake ?

With “normal” taxable money markets are yielding less than 1%:

Look at the raw tax-free muni money market rates now….

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Morgan Stanley’s “Private” Email to RIAs

Isn’t it terrible that even before I read this I was looking for where the lies and the manipulative discussions were hidden? I am on high alert as I feel lied to and cheated and surely I am not alone.

Below is a note that appeared in my email this morning...

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Video: Paulson Plan “B+” but Marketing “F”

Jeremy Siegel, Professor at the Wharton School of business and the author of Stocks from the Long Run discusses the plan and how it could benefit the economy. Siegel suggests that there needs to be some hooks and Paulson’s plan needs to be more protective of the taxpayer.

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Emperor Paulson: Bankmaster with absolute power

Reckless, gluttonous, disgusting and shocking are only a few of the words that have been used this weekend to describe the amazing bailout of the financial sector. A “mere” $700 billion dollars is the latest figure being bantered about as the sum which will initially be used to liquify the...

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799 barred – The other 476

SEC Halts Short-Selling of Financial Stocks: NOT!

There is a general consensus that there is a total ban on shorting stocks within the financial sector. Not true. Rather, it is a selective list that has a good amount of companies named, but why are these names excluded?

Briefing.com commentary:
The SEC today...

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Rachel Maddow/Krugman: Economic Freak-out 09/19/08

Rachel Maddow/Krugman: Economic Freak-out 09/19/08

This is a scary view of what is the real- behind-the-scenes of the current economy and the even more troublesome outlook.

Is it really this bad?…comment, comment, comment….

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The Feds New Role: SugarDaddy

Since when do we rely on government to intervene in every case of a failing business?  If anyone  wonders why we have such a mess on our hands, look no further than our boneheaded government that has obviously forgotten its way.   Think of this week’s action within the financial...

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Interactive Chart – Financial Sector is BIG Loser

The Financial sector is down almost a trillion dollars in market cap in under a year. Bailouts may total another trillion or so. The war in Iraq, another trillion.

It seems as though now trillion is the old billion. Nice!

Click below for a great interactive view of; THEN and...

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The Money Market that busted $1

Not a good sign of the things to come….Reserve Funds busted the $1 money market fund barrier
Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) — Reserve Primary Fund, a money-market mutual fund with $64.8 billion in assets as of Aug. 31, fell below $1 a share in net asset value because of losses on...

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